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Why you should use massage candles as part of foreplay

by LSB

We have been using massage candles for a long time – longer than my little blog has existed. I guess like many other massage candle users out there, the idea of warmed oil instead of cold plus the added aroma around the room appealed to us (well me) more than just the usual touch sense from cold oil alone.

Massage candles are available from so many brands and we have swiftly learned that some are better than others and the price tag really doesn’t reflect which is better. I recently picked a few different versions to try for review and none of them championed (well one came close, ish) our first original and most very favourite candle, this equally pleased and saddened me. But before I tell you all about our experiences with certain brands – I want to tell you all while I think every couple should try a massage candle at least once!

One thing I have learned since reviewing sex toys is sometimes simple things like foreplay can often be forgotten. The excitement of ripping open a new toy can sometimes overrule everything else and that well needed ‘us’ time to get everything prewarmed goes out the window. This was part of the reason I opted for what is essentially a ‘care package’ review. I wanted us to reconnect and pull back from all those wonderful and buzzy things and just be us. Timeout from the world.

Massage candles work so well because cold oil feels rather meh – a bit like a form of torture I don’t enjoy. Once your candle is lit, the oil starts to form and heat as it melts. As well as that, it creates a beautiful aroma in the room and a romantic light so visual and smell senses are hit straight away.

Next once the heat of the oil hits the skin and the combination the heat generated from your partner’s hands, you have ticked off another sense. The three of them going together is really a heady mix of deliciousness and for me personally, I can’t decide whether or not I’m relaxed or aroused. Of course, given on how my OH massages me will be the overall decider on how the massage will go.

My final reason for trying massage candles is I personally feel they are the perfect gateway for hot wax candles. If a couple is intrigued anyone is intrigued about trying bondage hot wax candles, a massage candle could give a little taste of what its like. I know we have let the wax drip straight on as it melts and it is a lot hotter (feels so bloody good) so it feels a lot more like wax than oil. However you don’t have to jump straight in at a high temp, you can let the oil drizzle and it will feel cooler. Like bondage candles, the further or closer the skin you are will determine the sensations felt. Definitely, an awesome way to suss out if bondage candles are for you.

First things first – I’m gonna speak of how we use massage candles… They need to be lit for maybe 20 minutes before use. We like to light it, leave it in a safe position and then hop for a shower. By the time we are out the candle will have filled the room with a beautiful aroma and be ready to use.

We were sent three candles to review – the Pure Instinct True Blue Pheromone Candle, LELO FlickeringTouch Pomegranate and Black Pepper, and last but not least the Coco de Mer Roseravished Rose, Sandalwood & Patchouli candle.

The first two can be classed together – the Pure Instinct retails for a little over 15 euro and the Lelo, nearly double at just over 30! Both are horrible candles to work with – I actually shudder typing these words. There is nothing sexy about either. Both once they hit the skin went extremely tacky and required me to get outta bed and shower instantly, a complete romance killer!! The wax and wax it is, is definitely nowhere near being a massage oil. It starts to solidify the minute it hits the skin regardless of how hot that skin is. Each of these needs at least 30 minutes to melt.

The Lelo candle is packaged so beautifully and the smell is only there until the candle is lit. Once lit it goes. The Pure Instinct one, while cheaper than the Lelo, actually keeps its scent longer. Both candles are equally disappointing and will never be used again. *Shudders*

The Coco de Mer Roseravished Rose, Sandalwood & Patchouli candle – man, I actually cannot word how damn good this candle smells. It is so bloody lush. We both love this one nearly fight to be rubbed up in it. The candle does require a little longer to melt in comparison to our very favourite but I really don’t mind as the aroma that fills the room is so good. I want to bottle it and use it as a perfume forever – my OH would love it as an aftershave (so if anyone over at Coco de Mer spots this review – Pretty pleasssssssse!!). This massage candle does massage into the skin and definitely doesn’t go tacky as the other, however, it still doesn’t work as well as our favourite. It doesn’t leave the skin as greasy as the other two and I didn’t need to shower after using it so BONUS! in my book. It comes damn close though to our favourite and will definitely be used if the other isn’t to hand. It is packaged beautifully and even comes with its own little glass spoon.

massage candles

The JimmyJane AfterGlow in Bourbon which I have just discovered SheVibe sadly don’t stock is 100% our very favourite of all time! The smell, the texture, non tacky, really warm, super soft oil that literally melts into the skin and leaves no greasy residue. It really is hard to find one to all that but the JimmyJane Afterglow in Bourbon does – we haven’t tried other scents so I dunno if they work as well.

Definitely worth trying a massage candle out today and enjoying a bit of squish time with a loved one <3

UPDATE: (15th Jan 2019)

Since posting this post – SheVibe have alerted me that sadly the Afterglow candles have now been discontinued – I am gutted to be honest! I have had quite a lot of folk reach out to ask which one I’d recommend instead and as mentioned above I would def go for the Coco de Mer next! You can get one here

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