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TENGA Spinner HEXA 02 Review

by LSB

Time for our very first review over here at littleswitchbitch and for this review, I am handing you all over to my OH who feels like the very awesome TENGA should pop the 2019 review cherry on here! My OH opened and disposed of packaging before I got a chance to photograph it (eager or what? lol) so image below shows outer packaging and belongs to TENGA.

When LSB gave me the opportunity to choose which Spinner I should try, I was genuinely faced with a hard decision. The new range has three versions to choose from – The Shell, The Tetra and The Hexa. I eventually chose the TENGA Spinner HEXA 02 after much debate.

The TENGA Spinner HEXA 02 arrived in a discreet package. Upon opening the package, the Spinner was bound in bubble wrap as always with Tenga every bit of care is taken with their packaging.
The TENGA Spinner HEXA 02 itself comes in its own hard plastic protective casing, which also doubles up as a handy storage case when not in use, it is completely shrink wrapped with an easy peel strip down one side. I like this as it works as a security seal and just adds another beneficial hygiene factor. Some toys you couldn’t tell if they have been handled or not before purchase.

When you open the seal inside the Spinner case there is a plastic strip around the Spinner itself so it is not actually rubbing of the case. A tube inside the TENGA Spinner HEXA 02 shaft helps to prevent the sides from fusing together while in storage. Again another little touch showing every bit of care and thoughts go into Tenga products.

Inside the case is the TENGA Spinner HEXA 02, 1 packet of Tenga’s hole real feel lube (which is very good lube one of the best I have used – review here). Now I’m not into lube, love the idea of it just hate the feeling of tackyness after. Tengas lubes don’t do this. The little white tubing which holds the HEXA in the correct position in transit also contains the sachet – so make to remove it before disposing of packaging.

The idea of the Spinner is as you insert yourself into it and it twists around your shaft and as quoted by Tenga “sends unbelievable sensations with every stroke”. Tenga have managed to do this with a new coil spring technology. As mentioned above, they offer three different versions of the Spinner – the Shell, Hexa and Tetra, each one is colour-coded by the coil spring that is visible helping you to define which one is which. The Spinner is very easily cleaned and the hard plastic case comes apart at the bottom ( the clear bit is a drying rack) allowing it to drip dry after washing which in my opinion, is the best way to dry your toy.

After using the TENGA Spinner HEXA 02 for nearly 2 months, it has stood up to all I have given it and to the washing and drying, but I really like this one – I have minded it and intend to keep minding it. The coil spring technology really works and I can definitely feel the difference to other aids I’ve have used. The only one problem I did have was ballooning at the top due to air being trapped but this was easily eliminated by piercing the top allowing the air to be released. After I did this it created a better suction and gripped more allowing the coil to work properly.

Tengas coil spring technology is a simple design that works and works extremely well. If you haven’t tried one of Tengas product try one of their Spinners you won’t be disappointed – I really love my TENGA Spinner HEXA 02.

So there you have it – TENGA has done it again and created yet ANOTHER top notch product! My OH has reviewed lots of other Tenga products on the blog which I’ll list and link below for you. I also included the above video – which I think showcases exactly how the Spinners range work and as always, I am left wanting a cock of my own so I can experience myself how amazing these products are!

If interested, you can purchase the TENGA TETRA at Lovehoney here (only version they stock)






As always thank you to TENGA for sending us the TENGA Spinner HEXA 02 for our honest and impartial review  – this however in no way changes our opinions on the item. What we honestly think, you read!  All images displayed of TENGA Spinner HEXA 02 are taken by myself!

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