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Guest Review: We-Vibe Sync

by LSB

The lovely folks over at We-Vibe replaced a dodgy Tango that arrived as part of their Anniversary kit for me, but instead of sending a single Tango a whole new set arrived.  I already had a beautiful shiny purple Sync, it seemed a shame to leave a We-Vibe Sync sitting in a box on its own so I reached out to the very lovely SubBee to see if she’d take it off my hands for a review 🙂

How it arrives

The box the We-Vibe Sync came in is beautiful. A classic white box with an illustration of the contents on a purple stripe. It didnt feel like brash oversell of lots of gaudy colours but much more classically beautiful and subtle.

The box it came in contained the We-Vibe Sync, remote control, Play case, USB charging cable, We-Vibe Lube and an instruction leaflet. (Note: Anniversary set also contains a Tango).


To charge it, just slot the Sync into its position in the play case making sure the metal contacts on the toy connect with the metal contacts in the case. There is a little light on the front of the box, just below the closed lid, that slowly pulses as it charges. Once its charged it remains on constantly. If no light shows then you may need to re-adjust the position of the Sync in its case.

I turned the We-Vibe Synconto its fullest power setting and it held its charge for over an hour without any reduction in power. 

How it works

The Sync is made from body-safe silicone. It contains no latex and is both phthalate and BPA free. This material also means its waterproof and therefore easy to clean before and after use.

It has two arms that are joined in the middle in a sort of C-shape. The larger of the two arms, the one with the metal charging contacts, is for external use and is designed to stimulate the clitoral area, next to the charging contacts is a small bump that allows you to turn the toy on or off and also allows you to sync it with the remote control or the app. The smaller arm is an insertable arm and is designed to stimulate the G-spot.

I did find the position of the We-Vibe Sync didnt necessarily work for me. I have always maintained Im dead on the inside and using the app to adjust the external arm so that it was turned off meant I couldnt actually feel the inside arm at all. Also, whilst the clitoral arm was definitely the stronger of the two the vibrating section didnt fit right onto my clitoris, which is basically positioned where the two arms met and I need full power right against my clitoris for any effect, so I had to keep readjusting it slightly to get the benefit.

I found the tiny on and off button difficult to locate and press correctly as I have limited feeling in my fingertips, anybody with dexterity problems may also have similar issues.

The Remote

This is really easy to work and fairly self-explanatory. When looking at the remote with the we-vibe text running from the middle to the bottom and the four arrow buttons at the top, this seems to be the natural position to hold the remote. The top and bottom arrow turns up and down the intensity settings, of which there are seven to scroll through. The arrow to the left and right scroll through the ten different patterns that are available.

I found the buttons the remote easier to use and they click which makes it easier to know youve pressed them.

I didnt find the range that good, my partner had to be standing right next to me before the remote changed its patterns and its also worth noting there is a delay of a couple of seconds before it reacts to the change in setting so dont expect it to be instant.

The App

The app is free to download from both Apple and Android stores. For clarity, Im using it on an Apple device, there may be differences if youre using Android. It was available to download on both iPhone and iPad if you find the larger screen is easier to use.

Once youve downloaded the app to your chosen device all you need to do is follow the simple instructions to pair the device. Youll need to make sure your bluetooth is switched on and then press the on and off button for a few seconds until it pulses and flashes red. You will get a message on your screen telling you that you have paired it correctly.

On the control screen tap the drop-down arrow next to Vibrateat the top of the screen and it will take you into the Modesmenu. Here you can create your own vibe patterns should you wish by tapping the +. The Touchmode allows you to create vibe patterns by tapping and swiping over the screen. The Beatmode allows you to enter pick a song from your phone or allow it to use your phone’s microphone to pick up from speakers.

Just a word warning here, be careful of what song you choose because there is a big risk of the giggles. Even more so if your partner decides to dance around singing into the mic! Sex is supposed to be fun, right?!

The other ten modes are the same vibe patterns you get from the remote.

In the top right corner the app there is a little person logo. This allows your lover to connect to create double the fun. Just tap this and itll ask which of your contacts youd like send the invite to and it sends them a text with a link. Theyll need to download the app themselves before they can accept the invite.

We found a slight unexpected quirk with the app. It switched the internal and external arms around. Turning the external arm on the app up to full power turned the external arm on the top up to full power. Once we re-synced the toy it seemed to correct itself for a while. We also found if you didnt change the settings too often and allowed the screens to switch off we had to re-pair the device to my lover again.

It would be nice to have a message letting me know my lover had accepted the request. It was fine when we were testing it with both of us present but when testing it with him out of the house I had no idea if hed even received the message. Also once he has control, I can no longer control it from my device, again not much of a problem but testing out the setting meant I had to keep pinching his phone to see what was going on.

Using it for PIV sex

Whilst I didnt feel anything from the internal arm, it didnt matter because I was sure my partner would benefit from that one! He said The toy has been well designed to not make it difficult to still achieve penetration whilst its in place while also delivering a pleasant buzz. I do prefer a stronger sensation though and I would recommend a liberal amount of lube in order to avoid and friction burns.

We tried the We-Vibe Sync out whilst we were in the missionary position, which I find is the best when were trying to communicate about a toy we havent tried before. Sadly, I just found it quite uncomfortable, with every thrust the Sync just dug into me.

Overall, I do think the We-Vibe Sync is a bit of fun. I certainly dont think I could ever reach an orgasm through using it alone but it is definitely fun to use as a tease with an absent partner or even when youre out and about together. Its small enough not to be seen and whilst my paranoia would make me think everyone would hear it, it is in fact quiet enough not to be noticed.

Thanks so much, Bee x 🙂 

If you enjoyed Bee’s review – you can read more for her work at her own blog here.

All images in this review are owned and taken by the reviewer.


If interested you can purchase the Sync at:

 Lovehoney UK Lovehoney US |

If interested, you can read my Sync review here

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