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Tenga Flip Zero Electric Vibration White -V- Black Review

by LSB

It seems I *just* have to compare the White and Black Tenga Flip Zero Electric Vibrations’ against each other in another comparison review as the original Flip Zero comparison I did back in August this year is one of the most popular viewed pages on my blog – with good reason I guess. If you were about to purchase your first masturbator and had managed to decide Tenga was the way to go – which one would you chose?  Well if the original non-vibrating type interests you-you can read our review here. However let me tell, the vibrating version is the way to go.

I am so jealous every time my OH receives something new from TENGA – I mean come on. This brand seems to nail it every single time, it’s like the Rolls Royce of penis toys out there!  As I write this, we currently have the new SPINNER on the way for review next, (which I am super excited and I don’t even have the dick required to stick in it) so keep your eyes peeled for that review next!

So you are sitting here wondering which Tenga Flip Zero Electric Vibration version you would like to buy?

The White or the Black?

There is no real straightforward answer here, dear readers… I, however, did tell my OH to imagine a life and death situation and he had to pick one….. but before I reveal which I would like to elaborate more on them.

The White was the first model and like the Flip Zero Original is the tamer version. The textures and material used to make this model aren’t as firm as it’s updated sibling and like the original version, the Black seems to look sleeker too, we both think this in relation to both models.

The White version is ever so slightly more realistic to mimic the internal textures of a woman while the Black is definitely more out there. As I’d said previously, cracking open any of the Flip Zero toys vibrating or not is like opening something outta Alien v Predator and the Black version really falls under this. Even I love to have a poke around a lubed up one to see what they would feel like in use and my imagination runs wild.

In use, my OH finds the black Tenga Flip Zero Electric Vibration more powerful. He enjoys the internal textures and feels the Black version just gets across the finish line – only by a hair though. There isn’t much to separate the two here and I had to put him in a life and death situation to chose one.

In his words ~ “They have made an already brilliant toy, better! The Black just has a little more edge – maybe it is the power and texture combo. But the new Tenga Flip Zero Electric Vibration Black is perfection”.

So there you have it, folks – the Black one wins this battle 🙂

If interested, you can purchase a WHITE Tenga Flip Zero Electric Vibration here

If interested, you can purchase a BLACK Tenga Flip Zero Electric Vibration here

Oh and I have to stress the best lube to use with these toys is Tenga’s own lube – my OH loves the ‘REAL’ and ‘Wild’ versions. –You can read about them all here– I made the mistake of using some SLiquid Sassy and it really can’t withstand high levels of thrusting – I got given out to actually lol. TENGA include two sachets so you can play straight away but to tell you how awesome the lube is, my OH was actually a hater of lube until he discovered TENGA. We have tried so many versions throughout the years and the TENGA lube has changed his mind.


As always thank you to TENGA for sending us these for our honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes our opinions on the items. What we honestly think, you read!  All images displayed of TENGA Flip Zeros Electric Vibration are taken by myself!


VVV You can read all about the White version below this and all about how to change/wash/storage and what you get with your package. VVV

________________ORIGINAL TENGA FLIP ZERO WHITE REVIEW__________________

There has been so much hype surrounding the Tenga Flip Zero Electric Vibration since Tenga announced it and with good reason too since its the first vibrating masturbator they have released.

 In the box, the Tenga Flip Zero Electric Vibration comes nestled inside a plastic storage case which on closer inspection turns out to be the charger too but I’ll speak more about that in a little bit. Tenga also includes two sachets of their hole lotion so you get to play straight away and also included is a USB charging cable and some instructions. The overall aesthetics of the Flip Zero Electric Vibration so far seem similar to the original Flip Zero model we got to test out last year. So I was excited to see what differences we could find.

As I mentioned the case is actually the charging point of the EV too – this really ticked a box for my inner tech geek and I think the idea behind this to be seriously awesome! Tenga is constantly thinking outside the box and this latest idea just reinforces how clever they are. While your Flip Zero Electric Vibration is nestled safely in storage, you have the option to pop it can charge… Not only that but you can also charge it after use while it’s on its very own built-in drying rack too. Awesome!  You pop the cable into the base and a full charge takes approx 90 minutes and this will give 40 minutes of playtime.

The inside of the Tenga Flip Zero Electric Vibration is full to the brim of loads of little nooks and crannies and my OH reports it to feels extremely realistic. The inside material is a strong thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) so it does need a little care to help the longevity of the toy.

To open the case, you slide the arms down. Once the arms come off, you squeeze on the sides and you’ll hear them disconnect from each other. This bit always reminds me of Alien V Predator. All those textures, nubs and lines are fascinating – so much so I really don’t even mind if I get wash-up duty. It does need a little extra care but going on how much my OH raves about it, it seems worth the time. They feel amazing to touch to the point I am always jealous I have the missing appendage required to get a good aul time with this toy!

The toy overall is super easy to clean and once it’s washed, the arms double up as a drying rack. You turn them upside and slightly squeeze on them until the EV catches and can be held in place, like image 3 underneath. It is awesome how it is able to balance it but the base has a little dent which helps the system maintain balance. In image two, you can see metal pins on the arm, those connect with the main body and are responsible for the body vibrating. There are two motors in the EV – one near the entrance and one near the end of the toy.

So how exactly did we get on with Tenga Flip Zero Electric Vibration?

Well, my OH loves it !!! There are one or two little flaws but the positives far outweigh those.

The Tenga Flip Zero Electric Vibration is by no means the quietest toy – however, oddly enough he is so impressed with how this toy gets him off, he isn’t bothered the noise and for anyone who is a regular reader of my blog will know, this is HUGE! My OH hates noisy toys.

In use, he finds the best way is to pour some lube inside the toy and to pay extra attention to the entrance rim by putting a little extra there and also lube himself up. He then will squeeze the sides and allow the toy to suck him in gently. As he is quite girthy, he finds this way to be the most comfortable. He can easily use it one-handed and flick through all 5 patterns. He does, however, prefer the lower settings as he finds those vibrations more deep, rumbly and powerful. I myself wouldn’t be keen on patterns but my OH is the opposite – there is a pattern that resembles a heartbeat and he loves this one. He does find the highest setting not to penetrate as well and also the vibrations tend to travel more into his hand than actually staying in the toy.

If thrusting, extra lube will be required as it does dry out. But his most favourite way to use it is to insert himself fully and use the pressure pad sides in a rocking motion by squeezing the top and the bottom of the sides intermittently. But the Tenga Flip Zero Electric Vibration could really be used without the vibration too as he really finds overall the toy is top-notch. Of course, however, he does preference the vibrations and feels they add a serious dimension to the toy.

It’s worth noting only water-based lube should be used with the Tenga Flip Zero Electric Vibration. My OH ( who usually hates lube) really loves how realistic the Tenga Hole lotions are – you can read our thoughts on those here.

A toy unlike anything else that delivers intense suction with detailed textures and dual motors – the Tenga Flip Zero Electric Vibration definitely has raised the bar for vibrating penis toys!

If interested, you can purchase a Tenga Flip Zero Electric Vibration here


The Tenga Flip Zero Electric Vibration was sent from TENGA in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read!  All images displayed of Tenga Flip Zero Electric Vibration are taken by myself!

Affiliate links have been used in the post.



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