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Guest Review: Lodbrock Master Flogger

by LSB

I was lucky enough to be sent the Lodbrock Master Flogger by my lovely friend Little Switch Bitch for a guest review.

Having only heard of Lodbrock recently I had a browse of their website whilst I was waiting for the flogger to arrive. I was seriously impressed by the small but intriguing range of medieval looking BDSM items; Lodbrock is not for the faint-hearted, this is serious kit. Their website describes the range as bespoke, artisanal BDSM dungeon equipment and includes stocks, suspension bars and pillories; all of which are handcrafted German designs.

The Master Flogger comes in a magnetically sealed, matte black box with a foam moulded insert. There’s metallic, gold letter on the outside “Lodbrock” and inside “Schlossmeister”. The packaging just screams understated luxury.

The Lodbrock Master Flogger itself looked impressive in the box but lifting it our I was surprised at just how light it is. It looks like it would be really heavy, but the vegan-friendly beech wood and PU design is so light it was confusing. Visually it appears so much more substantial than it felt in my hands.

The double-layered horsetail flogger is 21 inches long with end stamp detailing and small metallic pins holding the fonds to the handle. As the fonds are PU and double layered these appear slightly spongey looking and are a bit squishy when pressed.

The impact of the flogger is quite gentle, even with some heavy blows from a partner the impact felt superficial and stingy. There was some surface level reddening of my bum, but the Master Flogger didn’t leave any lasting marks. As a warm-up toy, it would work well but I prefer a heavier thwack from my floggers.

Visually the Lodbrock Master Flogger is beautiful, and the packaging is luxurious, but the weight was a deal breaker for me. In use, it just didn’t deliver the deep, thuddy impact that I love.

Thank you to LSB and Lodbrock for giving me the opportunity to try the Master Flogger in exchange for my open and honest review.

~ Just Jess x


At time of post the Lodbrock Master Flogger is currently half price, grab yours here for  €49.00

You can check out JustJess’s other reviews here and if you are after a thuddier flogger, check other my other reviews here 🙂


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