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Thinking of hiring a male escort?

posted by LSB November 14, 2018 0 comments

Recently I was approached by a male escort site asking if I would be interested in featuring a post about their services, a post they have prewritten and well this idea really didn’t appeal to me. I don’t really accept guest posts on my site(unless I organise them myself). However, I must admit the email did pique my interest so I decided to go snooping on the site and suggested an interview style post instead.

Below are a set of questions I compiled after researching a little more about the company, Gentleman4hire. Please do reach out to directly if you have any more questions and I shall forward them on to Simon, so he can answer them directly for you.

1. Why did you start this service?

Gentlemen4hire was started in 2007, we saw a gap in the market for a genuine male escort agency that acted ethically and gave escorts a chance to earn a good living doing something they love. Most of the agencies around at that time were poorly run, charged lots of money to escorts to sign up or were just outright scams.

Since 2007, we have grown into the largest and most successful male escort agency in the UK. Some of our escorts have been with us years and we get great feedback from clients and escorts all the time. We have also been mentioned in many leading publications such as The Sun and FHM.

2. Are you an escort yourself or have you been previously?

I’m not but I knew a few people that had tried it and had just been treated badly by other agencies and had been ripped off which is why I saw a gap in the market for a genuine agency.

3. Are your escorts vetted? How does a client know they will be safe?

We conduct negative news searches and social media searches on our escorts to pick up whether they have been in trouble with the law for anything or if it looks like they get up to any inappropriate behaviour. We always suggest clients meet escorts in a public place and also speak to them beforehand. If we ever get complaints of inappropriate behaviour from escorts then we remove them right away.

4. I know your site mentions no sexual contact, but is this actually accurate or can it happen as an added extra?

We don’t let people advertise sexual services and if we find anyone adding this to their profiles then we remove them. Some of our escorts are on other sites and advertise independently so what they get up to on the date is up to them but if we hear of anyone promoting sexual services, we’ll remove them.

5. I see the boyfriend experience pop up in many ads – what does this really mean?

I think women generally want more of an emotional connection with an escort they book so this really means that the guy will act as though they are a boyfriend. It can also mean that they will pretend to be a persons’ boyfriend at a social event like a wedding or birthday party.

6. Why is your site only open to straight men?

The gay escort market seemed to be very well catered for when we set this up so we just chose the straight male escort niche. We want to concentrate on one niche and do it really well rather than be all things to everyone.

7. Have you any advice for someone wanting to use your service but are afraid/shy to? Both as a client and as an escort?

For escorts, I’d just say give it a try. If you like meeting new people and know how to treat someone well then there’s no reason you won’t make a great escort. It’s just like going on a date with someone but being paid for it!

For clients, it’s understandable to be nervous. However its quite common for women to use escorts as well as men so nothing to be afraid of. Women can talk to the escorts beforehand to see if there’s a connection there and as long as they’re meeting in a public place there’s nothing to worry about, the escort will do what they are told so the women are in complete control.

These answers would definitely help me feel a little more at ease if I were about to venture out into the male escort world – I do hope they help anyone over the final hurdle to get themselves an escort!

This post was sponsored by Gentleman4hire.com – this, however, does not change my thoughts which will forever be my own.

Enjoy what I do? Has my post helped in some way?

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