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Lovehoney Midnight Soiree Blue Floral Corset Review

by LSB

Oh wow! Oh wow! Oh Wow! How bloody stunning is the Lovehoney Midnight Soiree Blue Floral Corset? I mean Lovehoney have seriously nailed this collection. This colour combo is bloody divine!!

While I know blue is mentioned in the actual title of this piece of lingerie I’d be more inclined to call it turquoise – while it isn’t a major detail I feel I must say that none the less. I personally think if it were actually blue, the colour combo might not work as well. Ya, ya I am probably (really am) being very pedantic – I would be quite particular with these kinds of details. So that bit outta the way, let me tell you all about how much I love the Lovehoney Midnight Soiree Blue Floral Corset.

If you have read any of my other Lovehoney Lingerie reviews, you’ll already know how the piece arrives. If you haven’t, well it’s basic! Clever cellophane sealed bag – Lovehoney sells giftbags separately, which, in my opinion, are definitely worth if this is a gift. I recommend the lace version as I think it will complement the piece beautifully.

The Lovehoney Midnight Soiree Blue Floral Corset arrives with a matching thong to complete the set. I opted for size medium to review which is suitable for size UK 10 – 12 and it is 100% true to size! I am a UK size 10, with a 34B chest and big hips. This piece fits my body well – in fact, it actually enhances it.

Whoever designed this range was super clever to add in that band in the middle – while it may only look like a band of satin, it plays a huge part in the piece. It creates an hourglass by directing attention to area meaning your sides look like they dip inwards. I love this piece for this reason as my sides already dip but the Lovehoney Midnight Soiree Blue Floral Corset enhances my hourglass figure even more so!

The corset is fastened via a zip at the front and a satin ribbon at the back. The ribbon can be loosened or tightened accordingly so the piece has the ability to fit larger and smaller sizes. This pleases me greatly as my weight fluctuates constantly so if I happen (more than likely will) put on weight over the festive season, this piece will be still fit 😀

Two other features which make the Lovehoney Midnight Soiree Blue Floral Corset completely different from most other corsets I’ve seen is a. The shoulder straps and b. The lace collar. Both features are the reason I fell in love with the piece originally and of course the colour combo too.

The shoulder straps and collar are all completely removable too but really complement the piece <3 When putting on the corset, you need to undo one side of the collar and then, slip into the shoulder straps. Then zip up, attach the bottom collar strap and then finally the collar. It takes a few goes before the routine flows.

I absolutely love the floral, embroidered stitching which is featured through the entire piece. It oozes class, luxury and has a super expensive feel overall and at just under £50 (at time of writing) I really don’t think it’s that expensive because the quality is superb! The embroidered stitching is featured along the zip, the collar, the matching thong, sides of the piece where it skims along my thighs and the shoulder straps yet because it is so delicately done it doesn’t take over the piece.

The Lovehoney Midnight Soiree Blue Floral Corset comes with a matching thong which is frigging awesome because it had thick sides <3 I was soooo excited to see this! It is super comfy to wear and I love how it sits against my skin. Oh and the stocking straps are also removable too.

Lovehoney Midnight Soiree Blue Floral Corset

I really can’t fault this piece – I think Lovehoney have bloody nailed it with the Midnight Soiree range. Super comfortable, doesn’t itch, excellent quality and no issues after I hand washed it either. And that colour combo is magnificent! Something from range is definitely a needed staple in every lingerie enthusiasts knicker drawer!

You can buy you here from | Lovehoney UK | Lovehoney EU |


The Lovehoney Midnight Soiree Blue Floral Corset was sent to me from Lovehoney in exchange for an honest and impartial review this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read! All images displayed of the Lovehoney Midnight Soiree Blue Floral Corset are taken by myself!

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Elliott October 26, 2018 - 8:51 pm

Truly breathtaking, I love when you review corsets. Actually, any lingerie!


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