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Ann Summers Moregasm+ Rabbit Review

by LSB

My very first rabbit, no scratch that, my very first sex toy back many moons ago was an Ann Summers rabbit. It was blue, with a bit of glitter and more than likely made from jelly. It did the job but it was awkward and always needed a little fiddle with to make sure it fitted me how I needed it to. As a result, I never purchased another toy from Ann Summers since.

Thankfully sex toys have really evolved since then and when the opportunity to test out the new Moregasm+ range came about, I jumped at the chance, mainly to see if Ann Summers had improved their range. I ended up picking the Ann Summers Moregasm+ Rabbit and the remote control panty vibe.

First impressions of the Ann Summers Moregasm+ Rabbit are good – its made of silicone. Yayyyy!! A beautiful turquoise silicone. A really soft and squishy dual density silicone. It is fully coated meaning its 100% waterproof and is charged via a pin style charger, which can be found at the base of the toy. The toy’s LED light flashes while its charging and stays static once when fully charged. I do recommend charging before use as is recommending with all toys. I have noticed an issue with the battery dying between uses – I wasn’t sure if this was just a once off but it has happened a few times. I really would recommend recharging your toy after every second go, to be honest. Turns out my toy was, in fact, faulty – the lovely folks over at Ann Summers replaced mine ASAP and battery life is much better 😀

The Ann Summers Moregasm+ Rabbit has approx 4 and a half inches of insertable length. Both the shaft and the ears are very flexible so I had high hopes this toy was gonna work for me.

The toy is powered on/off via the bottom button and the other two buttons control the shaft and ears. Yes, folks, these are independently controlled. There are 10 different vibration functions to chose from each motor.

The Ann Summers Moregasm+ Rabbit is powered by what Ann Summers call ‘Climax Technology’ – “Climax technology features a powerful low-frequency motor, which creates intense vibrations that travel deeper through the body, affecting more of your nerve endings than a regular vibrator. This results in a longer-lasting and more intense whole-body climax.”

Sounds pretty awesome – right?

In my hand, those vibrations from the ears feel quite buzzy and I am pretty certain they will transfer to my clit that way – the shaft, however, feels deliciously rumbly so I was certainly interested to see how they would transfer internally.

My first few goes were extremely disappointing and I was genuinely gutted me and Ann Summers Moregasm+ Rabbit didn’t get on. I really like to test a toy over and over just to be sure – and again, this seems to be a case of practice makes perfect.

Oddly enough, this rabbit won’t work for me standing up or even slightly lying down. I need to be completely flat on my back for it to work – which is odd. for me anyway. I’ve never really had an issue with a toy not working for me because of how my body is angled but yanno, first for everything.

I really dislike how the buttons function and I do find them rather fiddly in use. You power on the on the toy via bottom button and the LED stays on – then you separately power on the shaft and ears and then need to power off the toy and start again if you only want either the shaft/ears on. It’s odd and annoying! As well as that, they are super awkward in use – I find I have to stop thrusting to change mode/speed.

Oh and the Ann Summers Moregasm+ Rabbit does feel draggy in use so lube is your friend and lots of it!!

The rabbit doesn’t 100% fit my body shape either. The ears are rather flexible so I actually push them up upwards so they connect with my clit better and I find it easier to orgasm this way. I actually enjoy leaving the ears off and just using the shaft – the ears hitting my clit without vibration gets me off too so it is nice to have that option to mix up my playtime. The shaft is extremely deep and rumbly. Its power is rather incredible, to be honest.

However, given how strong I do orgasm with Ann Summers Moregasm+ Rabbit, I am willing to forgive its flaws. The rabbit seems to contract with my orgasms and it has happened every time I’ve come with it. I dunno if this is part of their climax tech or what – I’ve looked online for information regarding it but sadly, I’ve not seen anything which references this happening. It’s like as I twitch against the shaft, it twitches back. It’s a rather pleasurable experience I must admit – is this spose to happen?? I have no idea. The same thing happens with the replacement rabbit I’ve received so I guess it does. It is a rather awesome feature and as result, I feel my orgasms are enhanced and I’d go as far as saying, lengthened as a result.

Well done Ann Summers – You did good 😀

If interested, you can get your own Ann Summers Moregasm+ Rabbit here

I was sent the Ann Summers Moregasm+ Rabbit in exchange for an honest and impartial review this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read! All images displayed of Ann Summers Moregasm+ Rabbit are taken by myself!

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