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My Experiences with the Fun Factory Fun Cup Explore Kit

by LSB

I love menstrual cups – I wrote a huge post about my first-time experiences with them here. When I spotted that Fun Factory had released their own version, I just jumped at the chance to try another version out and so the Fun Factory Fun Cup Explore Kit arrived for review.

WHICH CUP SHOULD I CHOOSE? (From the FunFactory Website)

Let’s take a look at your options! Remember that these are general suggestions, and there are many exceptions to all of them. You know your body better than we do. When in doubt, start with the EXPLORE KIT.

SIZE A – Smaller (5,3 cm; Ø 4 cm; 20 ml)
Firmer silicone for greater control when placing and adjusting a smaller cup
Good for: lighter flow, folks who are nervous about using something larger, women younger than 30.

SIZE B – Larger (5,8 cm; Ø 4,3 cm; 30 ml)
Softer silicone for a comfortable fit that holds a heavy flow without feeling intrusive
Good for: heavy flow, women who are older than 30 and/or have given vaginal birth

What makes the Fun Factory Fun Cup Explore Kit different from other cups I’ve tried is the set actually comes with two sizes A and B so you have the option to size up or down should you require it. The kit also comes with an antimicrobial bag too for storage when not in use and to easily pop into your bag when you are out and about. I loved the idea behind the Explore kit because sometimes it’s nice to size down when your flow isn’t so heavy.

If you read my other post, you’ll already know I find the ‘C’ fold the easiest option to use. This video I found below is a pretty awesome video display how exactly menstrual cups work as well as showing how the ‘C’ fold is done. However, the Fun Factory cup does fold more inwards in comparison to my other cups.


So how did I find the Fun Factory Fun Cup Explore Kit?

Personally hit and miss. I have had the Fun Factory Fun Cup Explore Kit for several months now so each cup has been used through a good couple of cycles. I have had days where I thought I perfected my insertion and finally got a seal but overall, I am sad to say I had more days of leaks than I did successful days. In comparison to using my other cup, it really isn’t worth risking wearing it.  I never get a leak with that one.

I personally feel this is down to the shape of the Fun Factory cup – I think the rim of the cup needs to wider and slightly thinner. I do think the shape may be more suitable for folks who haven’t have children naturally. I have had the same issue with both sizes – I thought maybe it could be a size issue but I personally find each cup fits the same – the issue is with the shape and not the size in my opinion.

Sorry Fun Factory but these aren’t for me.

I do however really promote the use of menstrual cups. They have changed my life, honestly. 

Eco friendly

No more leg rashes from sanitary towels

Saves soooo much money

I can wear whatever I want without the worry of them being seen

Pretty colours


Non-drying (looking at you tampons)

There may be other reviews of folk who have gotten on with the Fun Factory Cups so they may be worth a read but if you are still keen to try one, I really recommend reading my original post on menstrual cups here.

A huge thank you to FunFactory for sending me the Explore set to try out and if you are company reading this post and want me to test out a menstrual cup for you, please do get in touch here.

No affiliates have been used in this post.

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