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Rubber Girl Latex Strapless Cocktail Dress Review

by LSB

I regularly check through Lovehoney’s What’s New list and pretty much my entire face turned into the heart eyes emoji when I saw the Rubber Girl Latex Strapless Cocktail Dress. Apart from the fact, I bloody love latex, I absolutely loved the neckline of this dress and the way the model got a fab hourglass figure in the dress. Also, I wanted to curl my brunette locks, lash on a red lippy, a pair of heels and become a real-life ‘Jessica Rabbit’.

Like all latex I’ve received previously, the Rubber Girl Latex Strapless Cocktail Dress came separated with some strong tissue paper and just sealed with some cellophane. There really isn’t anything sexy about how latex is packaged – well with the bits I’ve received anyway (always open to review latex that arrives differently 😀 ).

Like all latex, it doesn’t come shiny. It looks dull, slightly powered – I show the difference between shined up/ non-shined latex here if you are interested. I actually love it isn’t shiny when it arrives. I think it is such a turn on to shine myself up. It really adds to the overall feels of wearing latex, in my opinion.

That being said I do feel the Rubber Girl Latex Strapless Cocktail Dress could do with rinsing off the excess power before wear. I just slipped mine on and just found the dress felt gritty as I shined myself up – of course, this doesn’t affect the overall look but I felt gritty myself knowing it needed a rinse. Other times I’ve worn the dress, that ‘grit’ had been rinsed off and I personally felt the dress looked glossier.

Oh and I use silicone lube to shine up my dress and it works a treat! Please be aware if you plan to use silicone toys while wearing it, it may be worth purchasing a dressing aid as if the silicone lube hits off any of your silicone toys, it will melt them.

I opted to review size medium which is advertised as fitting size 10 -12. This is a tight fitting item with no give! The latex used in this item isn’t as stretchy as other pieces I own. I am currently a UK size 10. I carry weight around my tummy and my hips, given I have carried three children my skin is looser there and I really felt the dress enhanced this which, in my opinion, is visible in my images.

There is no room to readjust the dress so once it’s on, it’s on!! The centre bit is especially tight to enhance the hourglass shape and while usually, I’d welcome that, I just wish there was even the slightest stretch so I could adjust the Rubber Girl Latex Strapless Cocktail Dress according to fit my shape better and to knock out the air that gets trapped underneath. I haven’t had this issue with latex previously.

I find the dress is super sexy to look at and once I stop thinking the world is focusing on my tummy, I feel sexy in it, kinda! Given how my Twitter reacted to my images – it may just me who notices my tummy, well until now – I’ve just told you all 😉 I just feel I wear lingerie to feel empowered, sexy and kinda unstoppable and I just feel I can’t feel like that in this, sadly. I feel like I am squished – which is expected with latex clothing, but I feel really squished in this, more than I should if the dress is sized correctly.

If you really study my images, you’ll easily see the points where the dress has gathered. Waist, top of hips and just under my cleavage – I went back to study the model and I can’t understand how they don’t have this? The only conclusion I can come to is they haven’t child beared and as a result, haven’t got the loose skin I do.

I am thinking this may be an occasion where I needed to size up perhaps? Surely though, if an item is advertised as a UK 10 – 12 and someone is a size UK 10 wears it, it should fit right?

I want to bloody love Rubber Girl Latex Strapless Cocktail Dress – like I want to reallllllly love it! I will update this review if I manage to flatten my tummy.

But it isn’t all negative – the dress is good quality. I did tug a bit at it and thankfully, no tears or rips formed in the latex. Also, the top of the dress actually stays up and stays flush against my skin. So the one bit I was worried about before the Rubber Girl Latex Strapless Cocktail Dress is the bit I really had no issues with. I do feel though if you have a bigger chest than me ( bigger than B/small C) then this dress won’t work for you!

Regards washing, you’ll need to wash it with gentle soap and warm water especially if you use products to shine the dress and hang it once washed as it can and will stick to itself otherwise.

If interested you can purchase the Rubber Girl Latex Strapless Cocktail Dress here:

Lovehoney UK | Lovehoney EU |

The Rubber Girl Latex Strapless Cocktail Dress was sent to me from Lovehoney in exchange for an honest and impartial review this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read! All images displayed of the Rubber Girl Latex Strapless Cocktail Dress are taken by myself!

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Elliott October 12, 2018 - 2:56 pm

Sexy gorgeous, Switch, like only you can pull off. Like the famous femme fatale Jessica Rabbit.


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