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WaterSlyde Bath Tub Water Diverter Review

by LSB

I have seen the WaterSlyde Bath Tub Water Diverterpop up on my feed a few times and I must admit it really caught my attention for several reasons.

I am a serious water lover – I believe water has the ability to heal. Washing away all your sins or woes of the day I guess

We have all done it – used the shower on power mode to deliver blasts of pressure to our genitals. I know I have, lots in fact – especially when in a hotel with a power shower.

An excuse to hop into the bath more

and finally, could something so simple as the WaterSlyde Bath Tub Water Diverter really work?

The latter I’ll explain further down but first I want to speak more about the WaterSlyde Bath Tub Water Diverter itself. It’s a super simple design. In fact looking at it, you would nearly wonder why something like this hasn’t existed previously.  It is made from ABS plastic bar the pretty ribbon which keeps the WaterSlyde in place during use.

I do have a few tips regarding use – the biggest one is to position it before getting into the bath. I made the big mistake of not doing this the first time I tried it. So I was crouched in the bath, trying not to burn my ass and fiddling with it to try position it correctly and I failed. Eventually, I called my OH to have a go and his attempt was far better than mine but it still wasn’t how I wanted it to feel. Don’t get me wrong, it felt good but it wasn’t the pressure I needed. More research was required.

Looking on the SheVibe website after my bath, I could see the WaterSlyde is angled exactly how he did it but I wanted a 90-degree angle – I wanted a harsh angle so the water would create a proper thud from the water as it fell.

And I succeeded.

I opted to tie the WaterSlyde differently and because of the tap system on our bath, it was easier to accommodate my thought process on how this was gonna work. The ribbon may look delicate and pretty but it is super strong and is able to handle the tension required to support the WaterSlyde Bath Tub Water Diverter exactly how I need.

The rhythmic pressure of the water as it cascaded down was incredible – I knew I was gonna like it but hell, did I think love <3 It’s like the WaterSlyde Bath Tub Water Diverter gets you clean and equally dirty at the same time. I can control the flow and even the temperature. Yes, temperature play is a big one here because even though I despise the cold, the colder drips feel more powerful and intense. The warmer the water the more relaxing and sensual the feeling. It’s like a mix up between hard and soft sex.

The WaterSlyde Bath Tub Water Diverter isn’t able to get me off but it certainly warms up me and makes bath times super enjoyable. I love to lie in an almost empty bath and fill it up using the WaterSlyde rather than hop into a filled bath. I get to enjoy the feeling of the water directed on me as well as slowly filling around me. It really feels awesome <3 I’m not sure if it designed to get you off, to be honest – I think it’s designed to make start the fire and it does just that!

I think given how cheap it retails for (£18/$24/20e- prices are rounded accordingly), it really is worth trying. Something completely different that makes getting clean fun and pleasurable.

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