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Womanizer Premium Review

by LSB

Truth be told I only agreed to review the Womanizer Premium because I was interested in what Womanzier could produce that could be different than what I already own. I already have Womanizer Inside Out (review here) and the Pro 40 (review here) – both of which I adore and will happily rabbit on to anyone who will listen about how amazing both are.

Could the Womanizer Premium bring something new to the already awesome and kinda full table?

Well actually – they can – but first, let me tell you all about how it works first!

Like most of the other Womanzier toys, the Womanizer Premium comes with a hefty enough price tag and extremely luxurious packaging, which I think if you are forking out just shy of £170 for a toy it should arrive feeling like it’s worth that price tag! The box showcases the toy and included is an extensive instruction manual, USB charger cable and an extra XL head should you wish the change it – awesome inclusion in my opinion, as it makes the Womanizer range more accessible to lots of body shapes!

The Womanizer Premium takes approx 120 minutes to charge and this will give 240 minutes of playtime. Again, like all my other Womanizer toys I find this to be accurate – if anything the battery lasts longer than what the manufacturer suggests!

There is a super easy way to see if your toy needs charging so it won’t die mid wank – the bottom light flashing indicates the battery is nearly empty, the top two lights on mean it still has half its power left and all lights on means fully charged. All lights flash while the toy is charging and stay on once fully charged.

So you already know I love the Womanizer – their Pro40 and Inside Out are definitely two of my favourites. The Premium, however, gives them serious competition. New features and it also starts off more gentle than previous models as well as packing more intensity into the higher levels – 12 levels in total.

The Womanizer Premium has two new features, which no other versions have and in my opinion, these make the Premium the best Womanizer model…. yet!

So you are probably wondering what these are – Smart Silence and Auto Pilot, and they are both equally awesome. 

The Smart Silence basically is a fancy way of saying it stops once it isn’t connected with your body and I bloody love this feature. It makes sneaky ninja style wanks even more possible. No more fighting with a toy to power it off – you just lift the toy up from your skin and it stops and even better, it remembers what function it was on too in case you accidentally drop it or lose position. Of course, the Smart Silence might not be for you so by holding the +/- buttons together will disable this feature. This feature has changed my life. I find, like probably 99% of folk, orgasms help me relax and I have noticed a huge improvement in my moods if I actually play before I get outta bed in the morning. The Premium’s Smart Silence feature has actually given more the ability to relax and enjoy my orgasm more as I don’t have to worry about fighting with it to power it off should someone walk in on me! I actually wrote about my experiences and the benefits of morning wanks here.

The Womanizer Premium also has a new autopilot feature. Basically, this feature allows you to use the toy handsfree.

When you power on the toy – three LEDs on means its in manual mode so you control the intensities and how you play. Once you press the autopilot button, which looks like – the top LED will come on. There are three modes within the autopilot feature – soft, medium and intense.

Top – soft – modes 1 – 4

Middle – medium – modes 1 – 8

Bottom – intense – modes 1 – 12

I think the autopilot feature is really awesome because it makes me slow down. Womanizer toys really work for me, like really really. I can orgasm with them in seconds and that is not an exaggeration. Sometimes I do it for quick release and well sometimes it just happens and I’ve come before I wanted to. Truth be told, I could move the toy if I really wanted to but of course, I don’t because well – orgasms. The autopilot gives me more time to enjoy a better build up, slows down how I play and I am super thankful for this feature because it gives me the time to truly relax and appreciate my orgasms.

Overall, I do think the Premium is my new favourite because those new features really give it more edge than the others – that smart silence is a super clever addition and combined with the autopilot just makes it perfection. I do think Womanizer have seriously raised the bar with this model – I’m intrigued as to where they could next?

The Womanizer Premium was sent to me from Lovehoney and cost £169.99 at time of posting. If interested, you can purchase it from Lovehoney UK| Lovehoney US| Lovehoney EU

The Womanizer Premium was sent to me in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read!  All images displayed of Womanizer Premium are taken by myself!

Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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