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Bondara Lair Rose Tipped Crop Review

by LSB

This Bondara Lair Rose Tipped Crop is part of the new range – ‘Lair’ over at Bondara and I was delighted to see there was a matching crop and flogger. I reviewed the flogger last week, which you can check out here, and all I had to say regarding the flogger was nothing but absolute praise.

Would the Bondara Lair Rose Tipped Crop live up to the same standards?

My Bondara Lair Rose Tipped Crop is tipped with a red rose unlike the black rose tipped flogger and so far this version is the only one available. I will update this post if a black rose crop becomes available though. Each of the ‘leaves’ that run along the stem and the handle are also red and this, in my opinion, complements the piece well. Like the flogger, I really feel these add a twisted, romantic feel to our playtime.

The Bondara Lair Rose Tipped Crop is 26 inches in entire length and has a 6 and a half inch wrist strap. The piece is also made from goat leather and again, doesn’t smell like a goat in any way. It doesn’t have a strong leather as smell like the flogger which I’m guessing is down to there only being one rose in comparison to 19 on the flogger.

From the Bondara website – “Roses are red, violets are blue, this crop will leave you sore  and bruised.”(  It made me giggle when I read it!  )

From a user perspective, the stem has a decent amount of flex to it – I had fun whacking myself with it when it arrived. It is easy to strike with and it is easier to control and aim, unlike my embarrassing attempt with the flogger.

From a receiver perspective, it feels more thuddy than stingy. Other crops I have feel more stingy in use than the Bondara Lair Rose Tipped Crop. To me, it feels like a crop/paddle mix when it connects with my skin. Again, like the flogger, the Bondara Lair Rose Tipped Crop causes echoes throughout the room when it connects with my skin, which I love.

I think this crop is perfect for a beginner – kinda tame, has romantic yet sexy aesthetic and it’s super cheap! It is currently £13.49, at time of post. Normally retails for £17.99. Either price is a bargain in my opinion.

 You can get your Bondara Lair Rose Tipped Crop here.

The Bondara Lair Rose Tipped Crop was sent to me from Bondara in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read. All images of the Bondara Lair Rose Tipped Crop are taken by myself.

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