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Cottelli Collection French Maid Outfit Review

by LSB

Everything screamed classy to me in relation to this Cottelli Collection French Maid Outfit – it really is completely different than other Maid outfits I’ve seen. I just had to put it on my Orion wishlist for review – it also happens to be the very first maid outfit I own too.

Lately, we have been getting more into roleplay outfits (I also have a Red Riding Hood set review coming soon) during our play sessions – Sir enjoys me wearing something other than the usual style of lingerie – so what better way is there to serve than being kitted out in this Cottelli Collection French Maid Outfit.

I absolutely love packaging this comes in – anyone that reads my reviews knows I always mention packaging. Some reviewers opt not to but if I am buying something especially lingerie, I wanna feel special from the get-go – from opening it to wearing it – I want the full experience and you certainly get that opening the Cottelli Collection French Maid Outfit. Once you remove the outer sleeve, your outfit will come nestled inside a pretty diamond printed box, that I have opted to keep to store my outfit in.


The Cottelli Collection French Maid Outfit comes with a lace-trimmed white satin apron to complete the outfit and I teamed the outfit up with some Kix’ies stockings (which I reviewed here and I bloody love). The neckline of this piece is what made me fall in love with this piece though – I love the high neck tie and then the gap in the fabric which allows my décolleté to be shown off. This simple feature adds more of a tease to the piece, well that and if I happened to bend over while ‘dusting’ the skater style dress just skims my butt.

This piece is quite short – I am 5’4 and I on purpose opted not to wear heels in these pics so you see how short the dress is. Long enough to cover me all, short enough to give any spectator an eye full. I opted for size M which is suitable for a UK size 10 and the piece is 100% true to size. The dress is made up of 90% polyester and feels so soft in my hands. It is so comfortable to wear and flows with my body – no tugging or pulling to adjust.

I opted to hand wash mine and hang it on a hanger to drip dry. I ended up spilling massage oil on it and it completely came out and didn’t leave those oil marks you can sometimes see on fabrics. It is recommended, according to the manufacturer’s label that you hand wash the piece (which I’ll admit I only looked at while writing this). There were no loose threads or any discolouration once washed and the Cottelli Collection French Maid Outfit is still true to size once washed.

You can see another pic of me wearing the Cottelli Collection French Maid Outfit here 

Definitely recommended this Cottelli Collection French Maid Outfit – super comfortable to wear, really good quality fabric, different from the other outfits on the market.

You can get yours here at Orion for €44.95 (Price is correct at time of post.)

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Orion for sending me the Cottelli Collection French Maid Outfit in exchange for an honest and impartial review this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read! All images displayed of the Cottelli Collection French Maid Outfit are taken by myself!

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NPE August 29, 2018 - 1:43 am

Very sexy!


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