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Kix’ies Lois Back Seam Stockings with No-Slip Grip Review

by LSB

A pair of stockings can make an outfit, sometimes it can even be the outfit but what happens when your trusty pair of stockings keep falling down? We have all been there at some point and even when we have gone to the bother of attaching to them to the main piece of lingerie using stocking straps – they still manage to misbehave. The result usually ends with you needing pulling them up and getting flustered while doing so in case you rip them.

Does the above sound familiar? Well if it does you need some Kix’ies!

I am seriously impressed with Kix’ies – I generally didn’t think such a thing existed. Stockings that don’t budge – once these are put into place they hold their own. No need for tape, straps, whatever other tricks you usually opt for.

What I love most about these Kix’ies Stockings is actually had to measure my thighs to find the perfect fit – it isn’t your typical “one size fits all” because let’s be real here – it doesn’t. It’s usually wayyyy too long or saggy or tight! I’m 5’4 so I usually have loads of extra material and thigh highs usually end up at my knicker line unless I hide them in my heels – Yes I have done this lol. Let’s face it, your OH ain’t gonna be investigating your feet when you got no knickers, are they? And if they happen to be into feet – well then you shagged coz I’ve no suggestion – actually no wait, I do! Buy some Kix’ies because you won’t have that issue – these babies are made and measured to fit. I opted for size A and they fit perfectly <3

Sizing: Measure by height first and thigh circumference second. Weight can be arbitrary when sizing for a thigh high.

We all carry our weight differently; be it in the tush, tummy or thighs – which have no bearing on finding the perfect Kix’ies® fit!

Kix'ies Size Chart

(Taken off the SheVibe Website)

SheVibe stock a few versions but I opted for Lois – a 1940s inspired set which features a back seam and these are gonna be perfect to wear out under dresses. I have thoroughly tested them to be comfortable enough not to need a garter belt to hold them up. The three band tops, which on closer inspection actually have see-through non-slip grips aren’t visible and are the magic behind Kix’ies. I think these are beautiful stockings for bedroom wear and out and about wear!

They are super comfy to wear – don’t dig into my thighs, don’t move off my thighs and more importantly stay flush against my thighs. There is nothing worse when you are wearing stockings and they dig into your legs in an unflattering kind of way. I have thighs and an ass – there is nothing small about either of them and I will admit when I saw the ‘non slip grip’ I did wonder if I’d get that thigh roll look and I am so happy to report, I don’t. I really can’t fault them – I want types, all the types. Finally decent stockings worth shouting about.

I opted to hand wash mine and have had no issues with sizing or quality since they have been washed.

You can get your own Kix’ies here – they are lots of other versions to chose from and at the time of this post they are currently on offer 🙂

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elliott August 29, 2018 - 1:31 am

Love these stockings and the legs in them.


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