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Bondara Lair Rose Tipped Flogger Review

posted by LSB August 20, 2018 1 Comment

When I was sent the Bondara Lair Rose Tipped Flogger for review, truth be told I was little sad it had black roses rather than red but now I’m kinda wishing my Rose Tipped Crop was black now. I actually love the black roses aesthetic instead.

I think it’s more unusual and overall, adds more a gothic, dark feel to the Bondara Lair Rose Tipped Flogger. Kind of a romantic, yet twisted kind of love – getting beaten with flowers – what could be kinkier than that?


The Bondara Lair Rose Tipped Flogger is made of goat leather according to the Bondara website and I’m not sure I have seen or own something out of goat leather, to be honest, but then again, maybe I do and it wasn’t specified. Yes – I have just gone to retrieve the flogger to smell it. My thoughts drifted off to if it actually smelt like a goat and I can 100% confirm it does not! In fact other than it being on the website as being made from a goat – I’d be none the wiser. It just smells like that lushy leather smell (though not as strong smelling as my other flogger I must admit) I love.

The entire piece is so well made. From the wrist strap, which I pulled and tugged at, to each of the petals in all 9 rose heads, the Bondara Lair Rose Tipped Flogger is definitely made to last. The handle feels comfortable to hold and doesn’t slip out of our hands in use. Yes, you read that correctly – our -. I actually used this flogger on my OH and judged its length incorrectly. I of course, if you are a regular reader here will know I am a bottom/sub. I never ever strike my OH but he actually enjoys a bit of pain now and then and sometimes asks me to switch, which thankfully rarely happens. Anyway, while striking his back, I managed to get his face ://

This, of course, wasn’t my actual intention and understandably maddened my OH – as I would be a glutton for punishment I ended up using this and this too – which he actually hates and needlessly to say I was no longer in control. Some might say I did this on purpose. *insert angel wings emoji*

I actually find the Bondara Lair Rose Tipped Flogger to be really thuddy. There is a nice bit of weight to it (275g) and each of those roses provides a nice thwack when they connect with skin. I wouldn’t consider it to be painful but then again, I find flogging very therapeutic and relaxing. Depending on how they hit the skin, a little sting can be produced too which, in my opinion, feels awesome if it also has a mix of thuddy force with it. Also the noise the flogger makes when swooshing through the air to even when it connects with the skin is enhanced with those roses – I imagine it’s due to double the amount of material and the petals hitting against each other but it echoes in the room and sounds glorious.

We absolutely love this Bondara Lair Rose Tipped Flogger – I would, however, strongly advise learning and playing with this first on your own before using it on someone else because it is quite long. The handle is 9 inches and each strand is 19.5 inches so a combined length of 28.5 inches is a lot of room for mistakes. And I learned that the hard way.

It is currently on offer at Bondara for £27.99 at the time of this post, however, it normally retails for £44.99 – it is definitely worth snapping up while on sale. You can get your Bondara Lair Rose Tipped Flogger here.

The Bondara Lair Rose Tipped Flogger was sent to me from Bondara in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read. All images of the Bondara Lair Rose Tipped Flogger are taken by myself.

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Sounds terrific!!


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