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Screaming O Scoop Review

by LSB

I haven’t had any previous experiences with Screaming O toys so I started off my journey with the Screaming O Scoop on a clean slate. I find the packaging perfect – straight to the point, minimal and a few images displaying what the Scoop is capable of!

The only other toy I could possibly compare the Screaming O Scoop to would be the We-Vibe Touch – both are vibes encased in silicone and both vibes cup my clitoris in use.

The Screaming O Scoop is super easy to use – it is operated using one button and has 20 different settings. 10 steady speeds and 10 patterned ones. Regular readers will already know I am not really fussed by patterns so, to be honest, I didn’t pay much attention to those. There are various different patterns from fast jumpy ones to prolonged patterns – definitely something for everyone if patterns are your thing. The red light you see in the pic below stays on while the toy is powered up.

The steady speeds are however where it’s at for me. 10 in total and when powered on first, the Screaming O Scoop will always power on at the first setting, which I personally love this feature because I can build myself up without having to flick through all the settings to start back. The first 5 settings are pretty awesome – they start off at rumbly and go up to kick ass rumbly. Once you go past the fifth speed though, you will soon find yourself in a buzzy nightmare. I really dislike the higher speeds – I find they are desensitizing.

However, I don’t personally find this to be a bad thing. The higher speeds provide buzzy vibes, the lower speeds provide very rumbly vibes and the 10 different patterns provide a mix of patterns to suit almost anyone which in my opinion makes the Screaming O Scoop a really awesome, versatile vibe and it retails for only $45.00.

I personally love it and actually prefer it to the Touch. I found the silicone in the touch to be too insulating and it is really firm. The Scoop, however, has a squishy, pinpoint tip which can be pushed against my clit quite firmly and feels rather awesome. I can flick hard if I want to get that pressure I love and the rumbly vibrations penetrate well through that squishy tip! I am super impressed at how powerful this vibe is. Please note the only bit f the Scoop that is squishy is the tip, the rest is very firm. This, however, aids with holding onto the Scoop. The silicone is soft and it is non-draggy in use!

Overall, the Screaming O Scoop is a top notch toy which is body safe, made from silicone, rechargeable and a vibration style to suit nearly everyone.  It has two colour options (this pink and also purple).

The Screaming O Scoop was sent to me in exchange for an honest review. This, however, in no way changes my opinion. What I honestly think, you read!  All images displayed of the Screaming O Scoop are taken by myself!

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