Bondara Lair Combination Collar Review

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The Bondara Lair Combination Collar is an impressive bit of kit! It oozes boss and I must admit I feel a little intimidated by it on removing from my latest box of goodies from Bondara.

The Bondara Lair Combination Collar didn’t come in packaging of any sort and wasn’t supplied with instructions, however, the lovely Annabel quickly let me know the code, which is ‘1234’. Also, the code is also mentioned on the Bondara website too should you forget it. Also if you were to purchase the collar, it is supplied with its own storage bag to keep safe and scratch free.

The Bondara Lair Combination Collar wouldn’t be the biggest collar out there and it is literally the perfect fit for me. In fact, if my neck was a few centimetres larger, I’m 100% certain it wouldn’t fit.

The collar is weighty 285g and made from stainless steel. It opens/closes on a hinge. This hinge is also where the O-ring is connected. Once the code ‘1234’ it instantly releases. This, however, needs to be done by someone else. You might get it on alone but I’d be very surprised you’d get it off. It’s also the same for locking it – once it’s moved off those numbers, it locks into place instantly. The collar locks using a key like system and the whole piece feels well made, sturdy and long lasting. The same goes for unlocking it – once 1234 is selected, it will instantly release. My collar hasn’t even been kept in a storage bag if I’m honest – just left in a drawer with other bondage bits and it still is completely scratch free.

My neck is 13 and a half inches. I personally find the collar a little snug – my OH, however, loves this fact. The Bondara Lair Combination Collar literally feels as if it were made for me – loose enough to allow me to breathe, tight enough for me to be aware it’s on my neck. It causes borderline claustrophobia. I’m not sure if the combination of it’s weight and the fact that once it’s on it ain’t coming off until he releases it but it creates a heady mix of control and fear. I must admit it definitely doesn’t put me off wearing it though, if anything, seeing how much it pleases my OH when I am wearing this, is the encouragement I need to wear it.

I have been dragged around with a leash attached to the Bondara Lair Combination Collar as well as being held in place with rope. Both of which were attached to the O ring and so far the collar has withstood any play which has been a mix of both mid and rough. I have a post coming on my thoughts regarding wearing a collar and when it goes live, I’ll link it here.

It is currently on offer at Bondara for £26.99 at the time of this post, however, it normally retails for £36.99. To be honest, considering the quality and the fact it is made from stainless steel, it really is a steal at the original price. You can get your Bondara Lair Combination Collar here.

The Bondara Lair Combination Collar was sent to me from Bondara in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read. All images of the Bondara Lair Combination Collar are taken by myself.

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