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TENGA Flip Zero White v Black Comparison Review

by LSB

It’s over a year since we reviewed the Flip Zero and in the meantime, have also reviewed the Flip Zero EV so that itself was a game changer in the weight factor so my OH isn’t so bothered by the weight anymore that was previously mentioned before!

However, we were also sent the Flip Zero Black to review so I am just gonna jump right in here and compare the two! I know he has such as hard (bahahaha) life doesn’t he?!  If you wanna know all about cleaning both etc please continue reading my original review below.

Outer appearances of both are identical bar the obvious difference in colour! The White is the tamer, less textured version of the two. The new Black version is a lot more textured than the white and I really mean a lot! The Black version is also tighter than the White and I watched him actually struggle to get inside the black version. He loves to use the Tenga Real lotion ( you will get two sachets supplied) when using the Zeros but actually swapped over the Tenga Solid lotion when using the Black and found the experience to be a lot more pleasurable. In fact, he automatically no longer struggled to get himself the black – the Solid lube is thicker and therefore, provides a lot more padding than the Real lotion.

The inside of the Black feels firmer than the White and there are a lot more nubbly bits and to quote the Boss directly “it feels like I’m fucking an alien – the White definitely feels more realistic to a woman, but the Black definitely adds something different. I love how the nobbly bit at the top pings off my banjo string“. “I do feel like the Black would give me cock chaff if I used it daily, however, the White wouldn’t. I need extra lube with the Black and it gets a bit noisier than the White because of this but it doesn’t put me off using it“.

“I actually can’t pick a favourite – it feels awesome to swap between the two.”

So there you have it folks – our updated thoughts on the Zeros and why my OH still loves TENGA! The below review is still accurate regarding cleaning and tips for use! However, some bits have been slightly edited (ie. weight).

If interested, you can purchase the Tenga Flip Zero White here

If interested, you can purchase the Tenga Flip Zero Black here

If interested, you can purchase a Tenga Flip Zero Electric Vibration here

As always thank you to TENGA for sending us these for our honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What we honestly think, you read!  All images displayed of TENGA Flip Zeros are taken by myself!

________________________Original White Zero Review____________________

I was recently sent items from TENGA to review. It’s not often my OH gets the reap the benefits of packages I receive but this particular box, he is seriously enjoying it. He loves the Twists. I really hoped he’d love the Flip Zero just as much.

The packaging for the Flip Zero is minimal considering the outer hard plastic domed case doubles up as storage when not in use. Attached to the bottom is two sachets of Tenga lube and instructions for use. My OH loves Tenga lube so when we finally go through the lube from his Twists and the sachets – we will end up purchasing more. I know it doesn’t sound like a big thing but he hates all lubes, creams oils etc. Hates the textures of them all so it is pretty awesome we have found a lube that suits him and even better, it is super realistic and mimics natural wetness really well. 

EDIT – Since this post was sent live we have actually tried all version of TENGA lube and wrote a comparative review which you can read here

Before use, I washed out the Flip Zero – it is fairly simple once you get the first time out of the way. You slide up the U clip that holds the entire piece together. You then slightly squeeze down on the sides and the whole piece opens up. Wow! It was like opening up an egg from Alien v Predator. So many lumps and bumps and nooks and crannys. I was so excited for my OH and truth be told, very jealous. I have never wanted to have a cock attached to me as bad as I did right at the very minute I finger fucked the Flip Zero. Yes, of course, I had to do that – it was the closest I was going to know what the Zero felt like in use.

His experiences:

Overall in comparison to his Twists – he feels the Zero is quite heavy to hold.** This, of course, is down to a lot more material involved with the Zero than other strokers he owns. Though the quality is far superior – from the first go, the difference in the material can be felt. The Zero feels more realistic like skin on skin, however, all the nodules, bumps and ridges inside make it a far from realistic ride*  and feels like it can withstand a lot more use so it could be used for longer periods of time. In comparison to other strokers, he owns he feels the Zero doesn’t chaff his head which of course if you plan to have a longer session – this will be of great benefit to you.

It has a seriously strong vacuum created by a one-way valve and it literally sucks you in and allows you to feels every texture inside. The internal textures grip onto to you and the addition of pressure makes it a seriously intense ride. The pressures are a lot easier to control with the Zero – simply squeeze on the stippled ‘Tenga’ sides or lift pressure off the sides to decrease it. The way it has been designed allows different pressures and textures to be felt in use depending on where the Flip Zero is held. It has the power to give seriously strong orgasms in a very short amount of time. No other toy he owns has the ability to apply pressures and intensities directly to where he enjoys those sensations.

My Experiences:

I enjoy watching the sides pop as I wank him off. The semi-transparent sides allow me to see his cock inside the Zero which makes the experiences more visually arousing for me. It is like watching my own porn show so yeah, it’s hot <3 I do feel watching his head slip in and the popping noise it makes feels like it were my mouth wrapped around his bell end rather than the Zero. So from a foreplay aspect, I enjoy using the Zero on him – he doesn’t even have to touch me. I get off mind fucking myself.

Remember that U clip I mentioned above well that doubles up as a drying stand. You simply sit, well I say simply but it is a bit of bugger to get it to sit right but you sit the opened Flip Zero on top of that U. It can be hard to get it to balance correctly but once in place, it doesn’t move. It does take time to dry so I would leave it 24 hours before putting it away to ensure it is fully dry. Then it can be popped back in the original case for storage.

It is, however, made from TPE and over time that will die. It cannot be fully sterilized and requires a lot of care while washing to make sure all the nodules and ridges have been fully cleaned. I, personally, I would prefer if it could be sealed up after use. The Flip Zero is designed not to leak but from a hygiene perspective – I’d still like to be able to seal it.

Overall the Zero is quite a toy – very realistic in material, well made, totally customized pleasure.  My OH likes the Zero, however, the weight of the toy can be off-putting and as a result, he prefers the Twists for longer play sessions. If he was a quickie though because of how intense the orgasms can be, he will grab the Flip Zero.

If interested you can purchase the Flip Zero at : Lovehoney 

The TENGA Flip Zero was sent to me from TENGA in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read!  All images displayed of TENGA Flip Zero are taken by myself!

Affiliate links have been used in the post.


* In Comparision to the Black version, the White is a lot more realistic. 

** Since this post was written, he no longer finds the weight an issue! 

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