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Hot Octopuss Atom Plus Review

posted by LSB July 27, 2018 1 Comment

I was really excited to get my mitts on the Hot Octopuss Atom Plus because my twitter feed literally screamed about how good it was and I really wanted to get a chance to test out and see why the new Atom Plus was getting such good feedback.

Keeping in theme with all the other Hot Octopuss toys we tried, the Atom Plus comes in packaging that is sleek, oozing with British pride and perfect to size meaning no excess waste. Inside the box you’ll find instructions, a pin style USB charger and I think a storage pouch, though I actually can’t remember. Normally, I wait to photograph everything prior to use but we were genuinely excited to test out the Hot Octopuss Atom Plus I didn’t and as a result, I can’t remember if a storage pouch came with it or not. I am presuming it did though as I got one with all the other toy. In fact, I mentioned how awesome they are in other reviews as I never have to spend lots of time looking for Hot Octopuss toys as they have their logo on the bags.

The Hot Octopuss Atom Plus is the more expensive, upgraded version in the range. There is also the Atom. Both have the rumbly motor in the top but what the Atom doesn’t have that the Plus does, is the extra motor for perineum stimulation. This extra motor is the very reason we went for the Plus. Its elongated shape means it is also suitable to slip around his balls as you can see modelled on the Ergo below.

The Atom Plus is powered on via the button found on the side of the silver bit on the perineum side and the vibrations work via the two buttons (+/-) located on either side of the silver band that runs across the top of the ring. The ring is slipped over a non-flaccid penis. When powered on, a static white light appears and while charging, this light is red.

The Atom Plus has 5 vibration settings, from low to quite powerful. No patterns to be found which suits me but my OH rathers patterns. It is extremely quiet given how powerful it is. Like impressively quiet!

The Hot Octopuss Atom Plus needs to be placed with the writing on the top of your cock, facing outwards. The bottom of the ring has the nodule in the middle. The place where the writing is has a bump which is suitable for grinding against in coupled use.

So the question now is how did we get on testing out the Hot Octopuss Atom Plus?

You need to be extremely relaxed and not the slightest bit aroused (well your cock can’t) before attempting to put the ring on. The ring is slipped over your balls first. My OH has found (after several different attempts) the easiest way for him is to put one ball through, grab and pull it to the side. Grab your entire scrotum and pull downwards and the other ball just kinda slips into place. Once all your balls are comfortable in, adjust the ring and makes sure no excess skin is caught. Pop your completely flaccid cock through and you’re good to go!

My OH manages this alone (thank god coz I’m not sure I could cope with pressure in case I pinged a ball) and prefers to do so without lube! He stresses the entire time while he puts it on (maybe as a distraction, I’m not sure) to make sure you are completely relaxed while doing so because it really wouldn’t work with even a slight stir.

In coupled use, I found being top felt nice but missionary worked best for me to feel the vibrations exactly where I needed them. However, being on top is more comfortable. During missionary, I need and love hard grinding to get me off and it is really hard to do that here because the pressure can be a little too much. On top, I am controlling the force so it is more comfortable for me. He does mention when fully erect while wearing the ring because of how thick the motor is on top, you’ll lose an inch in length but is expected due to howe the toy works and it’s size.

He refers to the Hot Octopuss Atom Plus as a ‘cradle of vibrations’  – even without being hard, it feels awesome to just lie there and feel the vibrations, relaxing even. For solo play, he teamed it up with both the Pulse 3 and Tenga Zero EV. He loves the sensations – the Hot Octopuss Atom Plus really adds an extra stimulus.

When removing the ring – you needed to be completely relaxed as otherwise, it will hurt. Now we come to the only issue we can find with the Hot Octopuss Atom Plus. Well, to be honest, it’s not an issue more us giving a bit of advice with our experiences.  It works incredibly well as a cock ring. It maintains erections, provides deep, rumbly vibrations but it caused my OH to get blue balls which are expected as it is doing its job. He didn’t find this uncomfortable or painful in any way, but to be aware this can happen. Also if you do happen to experience pain etc – you will need to wait till you are relaxed before you can remove it. However, the ring does have quite a bit of stretch to it so an extra pair of hands will help.

Clean up isn’t an issue as the Atom Plus is 100% waterproof.

Both of us found the vibrations transfer deep, rumbly and extremely powerful. We both are extremely impressed with how powerful the Hot Octopuss Atom Plus is and is definitely by far the most impressive cock ring we have tried to date. Huge thumbs up from us 😀

If interested you can purchase the Atom Plus directly from Hot Octopuss here


The Hot Octopuss Atom Plus was sent to me from Hot Octopuss in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read!  All images displayed of Hot Octopuss Atom Plus are taken by myself!

Affiliate links have been used in the post.

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Bondage God July 31, 2018 at 1:32 pm

I imagine combining the TENGA EV
With the Atom Plus would be quite mind blowing


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