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Njoy Pure Wand v Njoy Fun Wand – Which should you buy?

by LSB

Unless you live under a rock (if you do, I hope it’s nice :P) you’ll have seen someone, somewhere rave on about how amazing nJoy toys are. When I first fell into this world, I mean the sexy one now, not my actual existence, the toys everyone had to own where a wand, a bullet and the nJoy Pure Wand. Bloggers everywhere praised the Pure Wand and the Comet, I just knew it was some point I’d have to own both. I already have the Comet but I felt I’d never get the chance to own the Pure Wand until the fabulous folks over a Crimson Princess sent me one. These guys, who sponsor my blog, told me I could have anything I wanted for review. “Anything”? I asked. I immediately check their stock out and yippie, another toy was ticked off my lust list. Well as you can see from my images, two toys.

Someone (a huge shoutout and thanks :D) over at Crimson Princess sent me the Fun Wand by mistake and lucky me got to keep it and got sent a Pure Wand too. So I’ve decided to compare the two as I think they are in fact quite similar. So if you have been looking at purchasing a nJoy toy but are unsure which one hopefully my post may help you decide on your next purchase!

Njoy Pure Wand v Njoy Fun Wand – Which should you buy?

Both arrive in the same hard case, lined with pink satin – completely inconspicuous and definitely needs to be kept if you want to keep your toy scratch free. Each box has molded foam to the exact shape of the toy under the satin to protect it in both travel and storage. From the get-go, you know and can feel you have just got your hands on something luxurious. All the nJoy range is made from 316 medical grade stainless steel and is hand polished to a mirror shine. You can use whatever type of lube you want on these, I quite like silicone lube, but it is completely down to personal preference. Also, they can be cleaned however you like but just be careful not to use something that could scratch them.

The Pure Wand weighs an impressive 702g – like, think about that for a second. That’s a pound and a half. It’s not something to take on lightly (Bahaha) Seriously though it could double up as an impressive weapon! The Fun Wand, however, is 316g and as you can see in my images below a lot easier to get a grip on.

Truth be told when they both arrived, I decided then I was going to do a comparative post and since then I have used them both together every time I have played with them. I did this for several reasons – one, I think the curvature is extremely similar so I wanted to see if the Fun Wand would be a suitable alternative for folks wouldn’t be able to manage the weight of the Pure Wand. Two, I wanted to compare the sensations between the heads of each toy and three, sometimes it is hard to decide which toy would be more suitable for me? Given that they are different prices – one or the other might appear on offer and going on my own thought prior to owning them I really didn’t know which I’d go for!

The Pure Wand is 8 inches in length. The larger ball is 1.5″ wide and the smaller 1″ wide and again to remind you of the weight, 702g. The Fun Wand is also 8 inches in length. The ball is 1″wide, very so slightly tapered and the largest beaded ball(at the top of the set of three) is also 1″ wide and the rest decrease in size. Again, the Fun Wand weighs 316g.

I have been testing these out on for over two (maybe three months). At first, I am not gonna lie – I really found the Pure Wand too much. The weight and size were rather daunting and because I wasn’t getting there how others did, I found the whole experience rather frustrating. I personally found the best and most successful way for me to get off was to use the Fun Wand as a warm-up toy. It seems to have this canny ability to zone in and pinpoint my g-spot every time I use it.

I love the balls on the shaft as they offer awesome grip as metal is EXTREMELY slippery once you have any form of fluids to the mix! I find pinging the Fun Wand from side to side on my g-spot to extremely pleasurable but it just won’t give me a full on g-spot orgasm. I usually team it up with a Tango and I have experienced awesome blended orgasms <3

The balls on the shaft, as well as offering the well-needed grip while I thrust, actually feel rather good anally too – they increase in size as you go up along the shaft and because they are metal and have no give whatsoever feel rather awesome being pulled in and out. Plus it is rather hot to hop from feeling metal heated to body temp on my g-spot to inserting cold beads anally. And of course, there is no drag from the metal so it is a lot smoother to thrust with.

I will go for the larger size on the Pure Wand instantly because I have just warmed up with the Fun Wand which is technically the same thing as the smaller side as they both are 1″ wide. As I mentioned above, the size of the larger side of the Pure Wand is weighty and is intimidating to use but equally satisfying. The weight instantly provides a feeling of being full. Once I am fully warmed up and apply some extra lube, the Pure Wand feels incredible. The pressure does, however, take some getting used to – I did worry I wouldn’t be able to get off with the Pure Wand alone. I have needed the help of my Tango to get me there a few times but in reality, this is because I was putting too much pressure on myself to come with it on its own.

Once I chill out with no possible interruptions, have plenty of buildup and I am fully aroused, the Pure Wand can make me come effortlessly and turn me into a jellied legged, gushing mess. Have I been able to squirt with it? Nope, sadly not. However, I have gotten close. I have drowned the bed when I gush, I just think the squirting will happen when I don’t think about it. Definitely will update this post if (once I hope) it happens!

So again that brings us to the original question: Njoy Pure Wand v Njoy Fun Wand – Which should you buy?

Both 😀 Lol!

Nah ok jokes aside if you can/could afford both, I would def say get both! If you can’t, I would personally go for the Pure Wand, if you are able to cope with the weight. My reasons are – the Fun Wand head is the same size as the smaller size of the Pure Wand so it could be used as a warm up easily before using the larger side of the Pure Wand. However, if doing this you will def need to wash the Pure Wand first as there is no way you will be able to thrust with the Pure Wand otherwise. You need a good grip around the smaller ball to thrust with it while the larger size is inserted. Also, you do need to fully warmed up beforehand because thrusting with the Pure Wand is a work out in itself. You have been warned! It is definitely not a toy for someone with restricted arm strength.

All that being said the Fun Wand is and does make a great alternative if you do have restricted arm strength. Ok, you won’t feel as full or get that weighty sensation but the slightly tapered tip on it makes it an awesome g-spot toy. If your g-spot isn’t as fussy as mine you’ll have no issues orgasming with it on its own. Plus you have the addition of beaded anal play.

Both have the ability to be heated up in a little warm water or cooled down in the fridge. Please don’t use the freezer to cool down your toys. Each responds rapidly to body temp and within a few minutes of using both, you’ll feel the difference in the temperature of the toy.


Words of warning:

Please note they are both weighty toys and need extra care while using them. The Pure Wand, 100% has the potential to do damage. Like I am not joking, I am so careful putting it into the sink to wash it and even then I clench my teeth worried that the weight will create Thor-like hammer abilities and shatter the sink. Yes, I have done this *every time* since it arrived lol. Then, I worry I’ll drop it on my tiles while wet, so quickly put it on a nearby towel while I wash up everything else. The Fun Wand, isn’t as heavy, is easier to hold due to the beads but again, I worry I could break something because there is still weigh behind that too.

Last warning please get used to using the Pure Wand on your own first and learn how it works for you. I do worry it could crack bones if you used with force. Ya I know that sounds a bit dramatic but I’d rather be safe and I showed my OH how to use it on me before giving him the reigns completely.

One last thing – if you wanted a Comet and couldn’t get, then don’t be too disappointed. I definitely think the Pure Wand beats it  – hands down!

If you want a Pure Wand (and you def do), you can get it here or if you think the Fun Wand is more suitable to your needs – you can get that here.

Both toys were sent to me by Crimson Princess in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the items. What I honestly think, you read!  All images displayed of nJoy toys are taken by myself (except two where credited).

No affiliate links have been used in the post.


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Petra Pan July 17, 2018 - 7:53 pm

Thanks for the review! I have the Pure Wand but haven’t actually used it yet!! I’m building up to it

PP x

LSB July 17, 2018 - 8:00 pm

It is definitely a learning curve to get there – I would recommend using the smaller for the first few times and slowly getting there to use the bigger side. I find silicone lube is the best for me personally. It def is worth it though – I have had some seriously awesome g-spot orgasms usually it. I am hope I will eventually properly squirt as so far (in general)I have only really gushed (a lot and thought squirt).

Petra Pam July 17, 2018 - 9:29 pm

I’ve never squirted either but if it’s ever gonna happen, it’ll probably be with the Njoy Wand! Thanks for the tip – will defo start with the smaller end x


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