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The Ersties Podcast – Positive Sex/Porn Chat from Behind the Scenes

by LSB

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been listening to The Ersties Podcast and I am ashamed to admit this is the first podcast I have ever listened to in any genre. Podcasts are the way to go – my social media feeds are full of folks recommending and praising all various genres but I hadn’t really ever gotten round to actually checking one out – until now!

The Ersties Podcast is a group of four friends and their about page claims they are friends and one night decided they would just record their chats.  From the get-go, it’s obvious they gel very well and us listeners are really made feel (well I know I am) like we are sat right there, part of their conversation or a fly-on-the-wall listening in. The whole atmosphere comes across as very relaxed and from listeners perspective, very easy to follow the conversation.

ersties podcast

The Ersties Podcast is based in Berlin and is made up of Paulita, Lina, Olivia and Pandora. Each of them is directly/indirectly part of the adult industry from actually doing porn to photographing it to writing about and running websites, these ladies have all the info and we get all the gossip first hand in the form of giggly, sex-positive chats.

Each podcast targets several topics and they even have special guests which usually speak about a particular topic in which they have direct experience in. It is connected to Ersties.com  – a porn site with a difference. “All our porn is shot exclusively by women and we aim to exhibit the authentic sexual experiences of authentic amateur women. Our shoots are not scripted or directed, instead, we let the camera roll and capture the action as it happens, naturally.”

I myself, have found their chats on polyamory and kink to be the most interesting. I don’t have any experience in polyamory and even though, I don’t think it’s for me and I previously didn’t understand why one person can love many people intimately, I actually kinda get it now. Reading about these topics is interesting but the tone in which someone speaks can be a real help in determining how someone really feels and I really enjoyed listening to that episode.

The Ersties Podcast


The kink episode interested me big time and before I pressed play I knew it was something I would intently listen to. I love anything kink related and I especially love reading about other peoples’ kinks and experiences so I was excited to listen to the kinks of the ladies from The Ertises Podcast too. One kink which wouldn’t be for me and I never really got it – until now – was watersports. I really enjoyed listening to Olivia speak about it and I actually understand why folk enjoy it now. It actually sounds quite liberating though I’m still certain it isn’t for us. (We both have tried this previously, not in a kink way, in the shower and it really isn’t something for us). Breath play, however, is and I do enjoy it. I adore being choked and their chat reinforced things that come naturally to us. My OH is very in tune with my body and we actually never have spoken about levels he shouldn’t cross. I find myself listening and feeling a little bit shocked but equally in awe of his ability to read me. I really recommend listening to this episode. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Their latest episode – Self Love, Sex and Magic – speaks about how a family deals with how working in a sex work environment. I have already first-hand experience of this and while I wouldn’t be a porn performer, I do write and share sex-related images. I am happy to report my mum was rather cool about my blog. The rest of this episode speaks of witches, the importance of self-love and using menstrual cups (which I love and you can read about my experiences here ).

The Ersties Podcast comes out the first Friday of each month and can found on Itunes, Google play store, Soundcloud and will also be available on Spotify soon and while I originally started to listen as research for this post – I am now going to be an avid listener. I can highly recommend listening to these ladies – really refreshing attitude with giggly chats and banter 🙂 You can check them out directly here.

The Ersties Podcast

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NPE January 22, 2021 - 5:47 pm

I remember they were sponsors for a Sinful Sunday. Great idea, but probably beyond my range!


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