Guest Review: Vain Toys Wave Silicone Dildo

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I recently was contacted by Alex and asked if I’d like to review one of their toys. The whole process was extremely quick and simple and Alex was a pleasure to deal with throughout! Vain Toys are a new company based in Denmark and make platinum cured silicone toys! I ended up choosing a red and gold glitter Wave and was delighted when my toy arrived as it is bloody stunning! Sadly though I didn’t realise how big the Vain Toys Wave was going to be and it really is out of my comfort zone. After already being in the middle of a conversation with Divafoof through Twitter DMs, I asked her if she would be interested in testing it out instead and I was reassured she’d be up for the challenge and the Wave winged it’s way to the UK!

I received the Vain Toys Wave from Little Switch Bitch as she said that she knew I was a size queen and that I liked a firm dildo so I was more than happy to try it out.

The Wave I received was in a light burgundy red and through the silicone toy is gold glitter. It’s gorgeous. Within the packaging there were also some little silicone hearts and a mini packet of Haribo. The dildo arrived in a net bag which drew together with ribbon, I thought was a very nice touch.

The Vain Toys Wave is just over 8 inches long and at its widest around the ripples, the width is just over 6 inches. The Wave is a solid dildo with no vibrations. The head is enhanced and bulbous and half way down the shaft there is two textured shapes which I’m referring to as the ripples. I had no instructions or information as to what the dildo was made of but was assured that the Wave is fully silicone and also has a flared based it can be used for both vaginal and anal penetration.

The silicone is a very firm straight dildo and so has a habit of being a little draggy so I found that insertion was easier with some good water based lube, it’s pictured with Sliquid Sassy because I put all pure silicone dildos through its paces with Sliquid because I find it to be the best anal lube and I had no problems but I would just be careful so as not to ruin your toy.

The Wave is a large dildo and does make you feel very full. The ripples are the crowning glory of this dildo as they give that added extra stretch when inserting the dildo in. I quite like textured dildos but do find that I need more lube when using them. The Wave is a very straight dildo which means for me, it’s a play toy that doesn’t induce an orgasm. It does however, feel amazing. It’s one of those toys that you can practice large sizes with so if you’re a beginner with bigger dildos, this would be a great starting point.

The dildo I was sent came with an integrated suction cup. I actually didn’t realise it was one because the base is really quite thick, but it was only when I attached it to my bed side cabinet that I realised, I initially thought that it was just the way it was shaped. It’s quite tough to get the suction cup to actually work and you have to prise it off breaking the seal to get it to come off any smooth surface. I haven’t used it hands free as I don’t really have anywhere that I can position myself in order to do it but for those that do, it has extreme potential to forgo a good handsfree session.

When suction attached on a smooth vertical surface, the dildo hangs like a natural penis which I think is beautiful. The colours it comes in just make this dildo an extremely sexy piece of art. It’s a treat for the holes you desire. The only thing that I had the problem with was that silicone attracts fluff but this is standard across any design and the fact it comes with a netted pouch should reduce this, but you may want to give it a quick wipe before putting it to use again.

It comes in at 55Euro which at today’s rate is about £48 which is a complete steal for this kind of toy, especially since you can pick from a variety of colours, two different types of glitter and whether to add a suction cup for free or not. I couldn’t fault this toy and so it gets a DivaFoof 10/10. Thanks to LSB for giving me the opportunity to try it out.

A huge thank you to Divafoof for her review. You can find her twitter account here.


The Vain Toys Wave was sent to me in exchange for an honest review and I then forwarded it on to it’s new home. All images displayed of the Vain Toys Wave are taken by Divafoof!

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