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Every time I look at the FemmeFunn Diamond Wand I can’t help but think of Bulbasaur from Pokemon. The tulip shaped tip on the FemmeFunn Diamond Wand reminds me so much of the bulb he carries on his back. An odd way to open a review I guess, but it’s all I can think of so you guys can now think of it as you read the rest of my review lol.

This is my first toy from FemmeFunn so I really don’t have anything to compare to with regards vibrations, quality etc. Inside the box, I received a little instructions leaflet and a pin style USB charging cable.  The light on the wand will flash while it’s charging and go static when fully charged. The wand is just over 6 and half inches in length with the tip being the girthest point of the toy. I was sent turquoise but the wand also comes in purple or black too.

The box informs me the FemmeFunn Diamond Wand has 21 functions and I can’t help but wonder why a toy needs so bloody many? Another thing I spot from the box is this toy runs with just one button (that has quite a bright light) which brings me to my next thoughts….  Am I gonna have to plow through 21 functions to get back to the setting I was on?

And yes, dear readers, I do have to painfully go through 21 bloody functions to get my original spot on the FemmeFunn Diamond Wand

The wand is extremely flexible which I was not expecting. It is coated fully in silicone making it 100% waterproof and also insertable. The silicone is super smooth, really velvety soft and has no drag whatsoever in use. It is advertised as being a g-spot toy but in my opinion, there is nothing g-spot about this toy.

It does, however, hold a wand title so in terms of power, does it deliver wand power?

Actually to be honest I am rather surprised at the level of vibrations the FemmeFunn Diamond Wand delivers. Ok, it has a load of jumpy style patterns that I’m not so fussed by but it also packs power.

That power, however, doesn’t penetrate how I need and the vibrations feel buzzy to me which is a shame because overall I am rather impressed with the FemmeFunn Diamond Wand. I love how it looks, I love how it feels. I do think it would be a more successful toy in getting me off if the stem had the ability to hold its shape once bent. That way I could insert it and get clitorial vibrations too.

I did use it as a wank aid for my OH and he did enjoy the vibrations however because the stem doesn’t hold the shape it kept fighting against to make itself straight again. I really think this is such a shame because it would seriously add an awesome dimension to how the wand is used!

The wand however really doesn’t do much for me at all – I have used it from the start and it is more successful at warming me up in comparison it using it when I’m aroused already as it just annoys me because the vibrations start to give me that desensitizing sensation I hate. One thing I really did enjoy was the texture on the stem. Completely lubed up on lower speeds, it feels amazing just rubbed against my vulva.

Sadly for me, I am all about the rumble and it just doesn’t hit the mark on my clit. It does however make a seriously AWESOME nipple toy <3 So much wow for those vibrations on my nips. The vibrations seem to pentrate a lot deeper here and feel like little teeth chomping away – yum!

However, all the above being said, if you are someone who enjoys vibrations which are powerful buzzy rumbly mix then I really think you’ll love this toy.

The FemmeFunn Diamond Wand was sent to me in exchange for an honest review. This however, in no way changes my opinion. What I honestly think, you read!  All images displayed of the FemmeFunn Diamond Wand are taken by myself!

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Tam August 18, 2018 at 12:16 am

How can I tell when it’s fully charged?

LSB August 18, 2018 at 7:03 pm

Hey – it flashes when it’s charging and the light goes static when charged. x


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