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Loving Joy Dua – Interchangeable Vibrator

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So many new toys appear on the market, it’s rare something really new appears. When the lovely Louise messaged me regarding the Loving Joy Dua, I couldn’t help but get excited as I haven’t seen a toy quite like it before. A wand/rabbit combination – what more could you want?

My overall first impressions of the Dua are good – I love the clean-cut, minimal packaging and I absolutely love to the overall aesthetics. The purple is complimented beautifully with a rose gold trim. The silicone is velvety soft to touch and completely seam free. The wand comes pre-attached and a quick turn releases it so you can attach the rabbit! It is super easy and quick to change the attachments – they twist off at the rose gold band.

The Loving Joy Dua is powered solely through one single button found at the base of the handle. It has 10 functions in total with varying speed and patterns. The Dua, however, powers on at it’s the highest speed. While I claim to love power, I also like the opportunity to build on this first so I’m not that keen on the feature if I’m honest. The first impressions when I power on the wand suggest myself and the Dua will get on. It feels really powerful in my hand.

The Dua is charged via a pin style charger on a USB cable and the charging point is located at the bottom of the toy. The charging point is completely sealed meaning your Dua is 100% waterproof and super easy to clean!

The rabbit attachment has two motors and has an insertable length of just over 4 inches. It feels nice and bulbous in my hand (just around 4-inch circumference) and has a pointed tip, which I’m guessing is designed for g-spot stim but definitely isn’t pinpointed and curved enough for me! There is a bit of flex to the ears so I am thinking we should get on.

So how did I get on with the Loving Joy Dua?

Spoiler: We kinda get on but it won’t ever make my favourites drawer!

There are more things I don’t like about the Dua than I do like, sadly. The silicone used to make the Dua I personally find it’s quite draggy in use. I felt I kept needing to reapply lube which wouldn’t usually be the case for me. I found I couldn’t thrust it like I needed to without it feeling like I’d get friction burns. The ears of the rabbit attachment are flexible but don’t bend into my body how I would like them to. I would be concerned by how the silicone stretches when put under pressure and I’d worry that over time the longevity of the rabbit ears would be an issue.

I do like the wand attachment more than the rabbit which I wasn’t expecting. Broad stim wouldn’t be my first preference but we had fun with the wand from a foreplay perspective. However, the wand may have warmed me up – my husband was required to finish the job!

I don’t like the patterns or the fact it powers on at the highest setting. I actually find for me, it feels a bit buzzier than I would normally like. I can, however, get off with the rabbit so it’s not a complete write-off. I do feel I nearly have to fight with the Dua to have an orgasm though so overall, it’s not really worth it for me. I don’t have much all else to say on this toy – I’d say save your money and buy an actual wand or a rabbit.

If interested, you can purchase a Dua here

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Sextoys.co.uk for sending me Loving Joy Dua in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read! All images displayed of Loving Joy Dua are taken by myself.

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