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Reconnecting with myself for #30dayorgasmfun

by LSB

I have no idea really what went on with me but it seems sticking a label on having a wank daily seems to make me less horny! I know, shock horror – me the one who is constantly announcing to the world on Twitter I am insatiable. And yes, this usually would be the case! Since I announced I was going to try to take part in #30dayorgasmfun, it seems I lie in bed just about to settle down to sleep and “Shit, I haven’t had a wank” or “Balls, I haven’t come pops into my head”. And then the feelings of being a complete failure, unable to complete a simple task like jacking off daily sink in so the mood goes completely.


I guess I should explain my post and why I’m here rambling on about having a wank in the first place. The very lovely Tabitha Rayne started the #30daysorgasmfun last year (if I’m wrong, please correct me) and once, I spotted it I just knew I wanted to take part. I’d be a firm believer in having an orgasm before I get outta bed. Regardless if I have help achieving it or I do it myself, I feel it makes me more relaxed, less anxious and overall happier. And of course, science proves this should be the case – all these amazing hormones start to float around before I even poke a toe out from under the duvet. The perfect way to start anyone’s day.

Last year I started off fairly successfully, though I never did end up blogging it as I never completed full 30 days. Midway in my second week, the block started and I just had no drive, no want or need to come. I really had no idea why. So while everyone else raved on about how amazing they felt after the month, I felt like a complete failure, just like utter shit if I’m honest.

When I spotted the tweet announcing the hashtag for this year, I was determined I’d take part and again, the block started except this time it was only after a few days. I decided to make a mental note, not to take part and oddly enough, my drive increased. I seem to turn into a rabbit caught in headlights when a label is thrown in the pipeline.  The real strange part in all this for me is I actually am quite highly sexed. I would be known to have a sneaky wank when I can, or if time allows multiple orgasms together and I actually would try to have a quick wank most mornings before I get up. Why when it’s labelled I struggle and feel pressured to perform I actually have no idea.

Now, I’m not going sit here and tell you I have managed an orgasm every day because that would be a lie – I haven’t. But overall, I have definitely had more than 30 orgasms so I guess I have averaged out at one a day for the month. I most definitely was able to relax more and once I switched off and didn’t think about the hashtag, I had no issue with my sex drive. 

I am still glad I said I’d take part though because it has still been a learning curve for me. It’s made me become more in tune with myself. Orgasms thankfully have never been a struggle for me. I have always been lucky to be able to orgasm on tap. It’s really these last two occasions where when a label has been put on me, I’ve struggled to perform I guess. In one way, I have found the experience frightening as I guess my mind rules my orgasms more than I thought it did and yes, I know the mind is the best foreplay, sensual tool out there but when it’s tuned in sexy 24/7 you kinda take it for granted and don’t actually realise you are like that because you happen to be in tune with your body. So overall taking part this year has really helped in reconnecting with myself.

Next year, I am gonna attempt it again but try a different mindset and hopefully fight off the negativity I found surrounding myself. I want to do this for several reasons but I will admit the biggest one being – I absolutely love the idea of tracking how many orgasms I can achieve, what caused them and most importantly, track my mental health activity as a direct result!



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Mr Dongmaker May 2, 2018 - 9:43 pm

Poops… I had two and it’s only 640 am! SHIT!

didn’t hear about the 30 day challenge until you mentioned it… dammmm!

Ah well… next year

Fuck it… I’ll do it next month ☺

fridayam May 2, 2018 - 10:51 pm

Masturbation is still perceived so negatively when I think it can be a mental health life-saver, so I applaud your post x

Cara Thereon May 3, 2018 - 2:05 pm

I didn’t even try it because I knew the pressure would halt any orgasms I’d have. If there’s an expectation of an orgasm, I tend to have a harder time actually achieving them. I apparently can’t take the pressure. Good on you for pushing through at least a little

Tabitha May 9, 2018 - 10:40 pm

Brilliant post, thank you so much for sharing your experiences
I used to masturbate every night to go to sleep and like you say, never thought about it… then I simply stopped, soon after I started a partnered sex life. I really wanted to power it back up
I “failed” I felt pressure and stepped back. But then relaxed, let go, and then it came.
I guess, like you, give it a label and it stops contrary or what?
Lots of love x x x


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