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Sheets of Francisco Fun Sheet Review

by LSB

This review of the Sheets of Francisco Fun Sheet has been a long time in the pipeline for several reasons really – the main one being how exactly do I go about telling you how amazing this piece of kit really is and how the bloody hell do I go about photographing it.

I wanna talk a little about the company first as even though my Fun Sheet wasn’t sent from them directly – I did happen to be the very lucky bugger who won a Sinful Sunday competition and as a result, I have had personal experience in dealing with the people behind this wonderful brand. More on what I won a little further down!

So who are Sheets of Francisco and what do they do?

I’m not 100% sure who else is behind the Sheets team but I have had personal direct dealings with the very lovely Mark. And honestly, I cannot say enough positive things – super friendly, polite, helpful and just an all-around nice guy. They are very supportive of the blogging community and even sponsor blogger events as well as actually going to them too.

Sheets of Francisco have designed a waterproof fabric and then have made that fabric into flat sheets, fitted sheets, pillowcases and now even customized printed sheets. So now, every bed in the land can be subjected to messy play and not have to worry about the cleanup.

           And yes, I can hear you say but I’ve seen sheets that do this already – what’s the big deal?

        While you would be correct in thinking waterproof sheets do exist, they ain’t a patch in the quality you’ll experience here. For example, I purchased a PVC style sheet and while it looks the part, it is a serious bitch to clean.  Everything you can imagine sticks to it, including you while you lay on it( and it leaves creases on your skin by the way). It’s sticky, tacky and overall – just utter cheap tack!

Sheets of Francisco are soft – the kind of the soft that glides against your skin and doesn’t stick. The kind of soft you want to roll around on. The kind of soft you wanna be naked on. And most importantly, the kind of soft that you don’t actually spend time-fighting with them while you should be concentrating on other fun stuff! Other than the initial “Ooh that’s cold” you’d never know you had parked your butt on them.

So above I mentioned I was lucky enough to win my very own customized sheet. I take part weekly in Sinful Sunday. Molly, the creator of the SinfulSunday meme teamed up with Sheets of San Francisco for prompt week and we had to create an image with fluid. This, of course, sent my OH into overdrive and he came up with the idea for our image, which won the prompt. Of course, we were bloody ecstatic and couldn’t wait to see how our customised throw would turn out! Below you can see the image that won and the actual throw too. As well as some images of oil and UV wax and if you wanna check out my SinfulSunday post, you can do so here.

The Sheets of Francisco Fun Sheet can be thrown into the washing machine after use and hung out to dry. Wax will melt off them – I just opted to shake off as much wax as I could first. More for the sake of my washing machine rather than the sheet. We have also just used the shower and hung it over the rail. Just to be aware, as nothing absorbs into them, shake as much water off them as my OH created a mini lake in our bathroom. I find it easier in the long run, just to hang it on the line.

I really wanted one of these Sheets of Francisco Fun Sheets for a long as I knew they existed and I am happy to report they are beyond my expectations. I love ours. Throw it on the bed before playtime – cover them with wax, oil, body fluids, food, etc and when finished, just toss it in the washing machine. These sheets are awesome and really take away the issues of the dreaded clean up.

Since I was sent the Sheets of Francisco Fun Sheet, I think they made have had a packaging upgrade. I don’t know which version you’ll receive but you can see both types in my images. I love the new packaging I received with my printed sheet – overall it feels a lot more luxurious!

Overall, these sheets are definitely worth the investment. They are made of strong, durable, breathable material that feels awesome against bare skin. They aren’t affected in any way with any type of fluids, make clean up super easy and just look rather bad ass on your bed and from an aesthetic point of view really add to the experience of naughty play time.

Pick yours up today here from MEO 

I would like to take the opportunity to thank MEO for sending me the Sheets of Francisco Fun Sheet in exchange for an honest and impartial review this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read! All images displayed of the Sheets of Francisco Fun Sheet are taken by myself!

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