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Bound to Please Silicone Collar and Lead Set

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I know a collar serves a purpose and that purpose really it isn’t about how comfortable to feels in use. Well, that’s down to what type of collar it is, I guess. Take my day collar for example – that’s super comfortable to wear but this Bound to Please Silicone Collar isn’t. It’s not designed to be comfortable but in comparison to my other bedroom collars, I really find this collar to be HUGE. Everything about it screams HUGE! But huge isn’t necessarily a big thing or is it?

Everything about it also screams rough too – it’s the kind of collar that will involve you being pulled around and again, that’s what it’s designed for as it comes with a lead which compliments the pattern on the collar. The collar is 18 and a half inches in length but extends to 24 inches if you include the tie. There are 8 holes to tie it and the pin that ties it also has a loop in it so it can be locked with a baby padlock like you see in the image below. The padlock, however, isn’t supplied with the set.

The Bound to Please Silicone Collar is 1 and 3/4 inches wide and nearly 1/2 inch thick. The overall aesthetic resembles a stitched leather collar and the strap on the lead matches it. The pieces of silicone are fastened together with silver stud buttons that match the buckles and lead and overall, the piece looks good. I like how it looks – it’s well made, sturdy and if minded, it will last.

I personally don’t like the collar in use. I find the size and weight make it feel quite claustrophobic – the collar weights an impressive 209 grams. So what this really translates to is the perfect kind of collar to use when your OH is a sadistic, twisted shit (but the good kind of twisted 😉  ) Still doesn’t make me like it though!

However, as I mentioned above this collar isn’t designed for comfort. It is designed with a purpose in mind and it means business. The ‘put it on, clip on the leash, tug on it hard while being fucked doggy style’ kind of business. The kind of collar where you can be ‘pulled, dragged and hit with a crop because you aren’t maintaining the correct position while parading around the bedroom’ kind. And here I am telling you I don’t like it but writing all that and remembering it use is making me want to be collared in it again.


There is, however, like all things a few things I dislike. The biggest one being the clasp on the lead. As you can see in the image above, it doesn’t clip back into place once opened. This can be rather annoying when you trying to get it to sit in place.  But it does work well otherwise and I love how it matches the collar.

The other thing is, it is quite large for my neck. In the middle image above, it was fastened as tight as it could be and there was still quite a lot of room for movement. My OH, who kindly allowed me to put the collar on him, has a bigger neck than me and the collar fitted him a lot better. I must admit it was quite sexy for those couple of seconds to see him in a collar which will probably never happen again as they definitely are not his thing!

Overall – this Bound to Please Silicone Collar will last a lifetime. It’s inexpensive and was a fun piece of kit to play with. I would recommend for people with a larger neck but this really is only from an aesthetic point of view as it doesn’t affect how the collar operates.

You can complement this collar with a bone gag and a tail to complete your pet play look!

If interested, you can purchase your collar and lead set  for £29.95* here and bone gag for £14.95 (on sale)*  here 

I would like to take the opportunity to thank for sending me Bound to Please Silicone Collar and Lead set in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read! All images displayed of Bound to Please Silicone Collar and lea set are taken by myself.

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*Prices are correct at time of publishing.

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