Sola Cue G- Spot Vibrator Review

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Last week I published my thoughts on the Sola Sync, which was my very first time trying out a Sola toy –  and while overall I was happy, the vibrations of the Sync left me wanting me more… Would the Cue do what the Sync couldn’t?

Technically, I shouldn’t really compare the two as one is a wand and the other is marketed as a g-spot vibe but since they are both made by Sola I’m going to because the Cue really kicks the Sync‘s ass in terms of power! I feel the Cue is more entitled to the wand status – this toy packs some serious power. Wand titled worthy power! But again, it’s better than that for a few different reasons… Keep reading let me explain why.

Before I tell you all about how the toy works for me, let me tell you about Cue first – what comes in the box, charging and how it works.

If the read the Sync review, you’ll already know Sola have wowed me over with how they packaged their toys. The other packaging is stunning and I’ve kept all mine because they make awesome storage boxes. Inside the box, you’ll find the Cue nestled on a moulded plastic tray. Once you lift this, underneath packaged in little boxes are the charging cable, USB plug (suitable for 2 prong sockets), instructions and an antibacterial storage bag. While I think all those boxes are super cute, I do think packaging each one is a little unnecessary. It’s only extra for the recycling bin.

The Cue comes in a pretty powered blue colour and as far as I’m aware, it’s the only shade it comes in. It is a rather pretty shade and the darker blue controls area complements the colour scheme beautifully. Overall, it is a rather sexy looking toy!

The charger that comes with the Cue is magnetic and the charging port can be found at the bottom of the toy – it can be temperamental so I advise leaving it on an area where it can’t move as it will disconnect easily. A full charge takes about an hour and a half. According to the Sola website, this should provide an hour of playtime and I find this fairly accurate. I charge mine after every second play as at the start of testing this toy out, I found the buttons would start glowing together while I was mid use and discovered this would an indication the toy was about to die. It’s better to charge it up every second go.

One of the Cue’s control buttons will actually glow while in use depending on which side you are using. You power it up using the (+) button and power down using (-) – these buttons actually flick through the settings and aren’t there to increase or decrease the strength of speed. The Cue has 10 modes – 5 steady speeds and 5 patterns. I’m not one for patterns though there is one or two of these that actually are rather decent patterns. 5 steady speeds means 5 levels of power. FIVE! Most toys usually have three. And when they do have more they tend to get quite buzzy are the higher speeds. The Cue, however, doesn’t – each level is as kickass as the one underneath. Deep, rumbly, bone-shaking vibrations. I am seriously impressed how powerful this toy it gives the Sync a serious run for its money!

From a g-spot point of view, the Cue isn’t exactly what I need. I need a little bit of a firm lip or a bulbous head but I knew this signing up to test the Cue. What I didn’t expect was how amazing the Cue would feel on my ‘A’ spot. In use, the vibrations penetrate so well throughout all of me, I don’t even need to worry about it not hitting my g-spot how I would normally like it. It gets me to the point of explosion with its deep, rumbly vibes and when I add in a little external clit stim, I literally explode in secs. I wasn’t expecting it to do any of this.

Another reason I love the Cue is that it can also be used as a clit stim toy. During sex, it isn’t overly bulky so it can be used to hit my clit without being intrusive. It’s also super quiet so you don’t really hear it in use which I think when it comes to using a toy with someone is super important. I myself, when playing alone don’t mind the noise so much, but when using toys with my OH I prefer quieter toys – and the Cue is perfect for this!

Overall, I am seriously impressed. Rechargeable, 100% waterproof, aesthetically appealing, fantastic quality, powerful, really quiet and super affordable. The Cue gets a huge thumbs up from me!


If interested, you can purchase the Cue from SheVibe here. 

I would like to take the opportunity to thank SheVibe for sending me Sola Cue in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read! All images displayed of Sola Cue are taken by myself.

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