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ZADO Leather Flogger

by LSB

The ZADO Metal Handled Flogger made some serious noises as it whooshed through the air and hit my shoulders. I wasn’t expecting it to feel as good as it did and I think my OH expected more of a reaction as I lay there taking a lashing. With each hit, the force behind the strikes got harder. I fell into a haze of tingly hits mixed the aroma of leather flooding my nose. And it was glorious.

I had never been a lover of floggers and truth be told, I have no idea why. I think it because the very first one we got, what seems like a lifetime ago now, was really tame – it gave a slight tingle but nothing spectacular and I swiftly got bored. We then upgraded to a rubber flogger that had a lot more bite and it was then I realised the potential of floggers.

When I tested the Bad Kitty one – I fell in love with floggers so the minute I spotted this on the Orion site, I knew I just had to have the ZADO Metal Handled Flogger. I already own bits from their ZADO range and knew this flogger was gonna be kick ass. I expected quality and I knew the leather would be top notch. What I didn’t expect was how it has the ability to totally intoxicate my nose while it feels my room with a delicious aroma. I could imagine playing in our very own leather padded room because of how potent the smell is.

There are 24 strands of leather in total and each strand is 21 inches in length. The flogger is 482g and the handle is 318g. The entire piece is well made and you have no worries that it will start to fall apart after a few goes. Each strand has one side of shiny leather and the one side is suede. It even has a handy wrist strap attached in case you flogger tries to go flying in use. It is worth mentioning however that bits do fall off the leather during the first few outings but nothing I would be worried about with regards quality – we were just breaking the flogger in. 😉

The ZADO Metal Handled Flogger smells soooo good. After use, the entire room just smelt like I was sitting in my own personal kitted out leather room.

The flogger was used all over my body but I personally love the hits to my shoulders and back the most. I think it’s because there isn’t a lot of padding in those areas in comparison to my ass and thighs. Here, he used quite a lot of force and the strikes felt a lot more thuddy than they did higher up on my body. Floggers are an awesome piece of kit because they can be as soft or as nasty as you like, a real versatile piece. My OH often combines the two – the flogger works my body with soft little kisses and before I know it – bam!

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Orion for sending me the Zado leather Flogger in exchange for an honest and impartial review this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read! All images displayed of the Zado leather flogger are taken by myself!

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