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Bijoux Indiscrets Maze Collar

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If you read any of my Bijoux reviews already, particularly the one of the Maze H harness you’ll already know how impressed I am with their harness line. My experiences with the Maze range so far have been fantastic. I absolutely love them and this Bijoux Indiscrets Maze Collar follows suit.

From the super, sleek and uber sexy packaging that literally makes me feel like a goddess opening them to the quality of their items – I am super impressed and the Bijoux Indiscrets Maze Collar certainly isn’t an exception. It’s so bloody pretty! Inside, the Maze Collar is wrapped in fairly strong black paper and sealed with a little gold sticker which compliments the gold writing on the lid. If I had to pick at anything, the box is an absolute bugger to open.

The only one thing I’m not so keen on is the lack of leather smell and while the vegans around me rejoice, I feel deeply saddened. Leather seriously gets me going. It’s part of my build up of exciting thing about to happen so if anyone from Bijoux happens to read my review, I’d love a leather option or perhaps, a leather-scented rub to apply. Rather demanding, aren’t I?!

The collar is made from polyurethane straps which are made from recycled materials and unless you read the box or were aware of the brand – you would never know it isn’t leather.  Aesthetically, it’s bang on the money.

The collar has 6 holes and a gold fastener which slides along the band. My neck is 13 and a half inches and the collar is 17 inches, it is fastened on the third hole.  It is fastened into place via a double push-button system and once tied will stay securely in place. The piece has a black and gold colour scheme but the collar also comes in brown too if you would prefer it.

I find the entire piece super comfortable to wear which I know some would say that defeats the purpose of a collar. However, I believe collars have different meanings and serve different purposes. This collar, in my opinion, is perfect for a day wear collar. Small, doesn’t create too much attention, pretty and can still double up as it’s intended purpose.

We did rag around a little bit with it but I really didn’t want to chance damaging it – it really is such a pretty piece. It deserves a little tender care rather than the ragging about some of my other collars get. I also think the Bijoux Indiscrets Maze Collar is a perfect fashion accessory for those who don’t even dabble in the BSDM lifestyle.

Check out this SinfulSunday post here to see wearing the Maze Collar.

If interested you can purchase the black version here or the brown version here.

The Bijoux Indiscrets Maze Collar was sent to me from Bijoux Indiscrets in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read. All images of the Bijoux Indiscrets Maze Collar are taken by myself.

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