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Hey Y’all – it’s Saturday again so time to share some amazing posts for another #SOSS. I missed last week as I had just flown back from the UK and after the rugby, I ended up heading straight for the bed and sleeping nearly 12 hours!

As I’ve mentioned in previous weeks, my #SoSS posts aren’t going to be a detailed as I usually do in for the foreseeable future (well until summer :D). I am simply running out of hours in the day. College is bloody jam-packed and every week I’m getting another assignment so trying to keep the show running, is certainly proving to be hard. I do still wanna take part though so here I am – a glutton for punishment 😉

Click the title for the post.


Sub Bee – Hook, line and sinker

Malflic – Shades of a circle jerk

BibulousOne – Just a Glimpse

Cammies on the floor – Floor Work


Kinky Kitten Kim – Tenga Flip Zero EV

Bondage God – Kali’s Teeth


Candy SnatchReviews – Gaslighting: A relationship horror story


Livvy Libertine – Edging (Close)

Wriggly Kitty – Fun and Games

That’s all for this week folks – check out the #SOSS hashtag on twitter for more Share our Saturday posts

Ps: Check my other #SoSS posts here

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