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Satisfyer Pro 4Couples Vibrator

by LSB

 This Satisfyer Pro 4Couples started off as a disaster toy. And truth be told if I were to review it based on its exact sole purpose – it’s a flop. Not one to be beaten and loving a challenge, I set about finding a different way to make it work for me.

But before I explain about all that, let me tell why the Satisfyer Pro 4Couples doesn’t work for use when used for its intended purpose. It is designed to be a couples vibrator that works on the same idea as our other couple vibe style toys, the arm is inserted and should be held in place while intercourse occurs. But this isn’t the case with the Satisfyer Pro 4Couples vibe – it moves. Everywhere and the suction hits everywhere except the place it should.

My other issue with this toy is the internal arm. It does have some flex to it but to insert it you need to really flex the arm more because it is rather jabby otherwise. A few separate occasions, I jabbed my urethra and it seriously hurts. There’s nothing spontaneous about using this toy – it’s not one you can grab and just pop in! It needs careful attention to position it right.

And even then – it moves around. 

Sex and this toy just weren’t gonna work – the best was doggie at a push but it just required so much work it wasn’t gonna work it for me.

All’s not lost though.

The Satisfyer Pro 4Couples is another toy in the new Satisfyer range – the other being the seriously frigging awesome, everyone should own – G-Spot Rabbit and the not so awesome Pro plus vibration. So out of the new range, I have one hit and one miss. This one fairs somewhat in the middle!

Like the other two in the range as well as having a suction function, it also vibrates. And like the Pro plus vibration, it’s nothing really worth talking about unless you keep it on the steady pattern – that one isn’t too bad. The others, however, are buzzy AF. I really have no interest in the vibration function whatsoever. It also has that horrible LED function found in the Pro plus vibration – each light appears once you press that function and is completely unnecessary.

I bet you are wondering what I actually enjoyed about the Satisfyer Pro 4Couples?!

Strangely – it does work for me!

I have used it successfully many times but instead of my husband, I used my Mustang.  This combination of me holding the Satisfyer Pro 4Couples against my clit, internal arm moving about as I thrust the Mustang with my right hand produces leg shaking, bed drenching orgasms. Every time.

I’m sure why it’s so successful but my guessing is in comparison to say holding say my Pro40 or Sona Cruise and trying to thrust, I have to really concentrate to keep them on my clit but with the Satisfyer Pro 4Couples’s internal arm as crap as it is for actual intercourse – it works a treat for use with a dildo and doesn’t require me to concentrate as much.

Overall, it certainly works better as solo fuck toy rather than a couples one! Like the other Satisfyer toys in this range, it comes with an instruction booklet and a USB charging cable. The toy is waterproof so can be used in the bath or shower and makes cleaning it so much easier. Like other suction toys, I do recommend keeping an eye on the suction hole for water reaming after washing. I use a cotton bud to make sure there’s no excess water left behind.

Full Satisfyer comparison post can be found here

If interested, the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration can be purchased here and here.

The Satisfyer Pro 4Couples was sent to me review in exchange for an honest and impartial review from Satisfyer. This however in no way changes my opinion on the items. What I honestly think, you read! All images displayed of the Satisfyer Pro 4Couples are taken by myself!

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omg kinky March 30, 2018 - 7:13 am

I’ve become a massive fan of suction based toys, will have to put the satisfyer pro on my list to get in the future. Thanks for the amazing review.


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