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Hot Octopuss Pocket Pulse Remote

posted by LSB February 23, 2018 0 comments

If you have previously read our Hot Octopuss Pulse III, you’ll already know how much my OH enjoys it. We were both intrigued to see how the Pocket Pulse Remote would fair out against it.The Pocket Pulse Remote comes in a box exactly made to measure – no wastage what’s so ever. Instructions and the USB charging cable are supplied in the box along with the toy and the remote.

Even though this review is about the Pocket Pulse Remote, it’s hard not to compare it to the Pulse III because they are very similar.

The Pocket Pulse, unlike the Pulse III, uses only vibrations. There are no oscillations in this toy and it is advertised as having 7 vibration patterns to chose from. The plastic body and lack of oscillations contribute to the Pocket Pulse being a bit lighter than the Pulse III. However, we aren’t so sure about the plastic body – while the outside is comfortable to hold because of the indent, the plastic gets slippy in use. The silicone back of the Pulse III is better for many reasons – it provides better grip in use and the silicone insulations the vibrations as they travel through the plastic in use.

I believe the silicone does more than just that though – I can’t find any information online to suggest the Pocket Pulse Remote does anything other than supplying steady vibrations however we both found it does actually supply patterned vibrations. Depending on which way the toy is held, it can do a patterned vibration sequence just around the plastic or under the Hot Octopuss disc on the body. I’m not so sure if this is a defect or touch technology(?) but either way, my OH quite likes the patterns.

The other main reason we liked the silicone body on the Pulse in comparison to Pocket Pulse is it insulates the noise a little bit. Don’t get me wrong each toy is noisy but the Pocket Pulse is NOISY. So much so, my OH opted to wear headphones and listened to music in use. If you plan on using this toy at home while there are other people in the house, like the Queen Bee, forget it! This toy is no way near being a discreet toy! At lower speeds with a 12-inch distance, the Pocket Pulse hit a 56db and 60db at higher speeds but actually peaked just above 71db.

In use, you need loads of lube – and he misses the wings of the Pulse III. The arm of the Pocket Pulse doesn’t go the whole way around. He’d be fairly girthy so the arm misses out hitting quite a bit of him. He misses the oscillations the Pulse III has. Buttons are tricky too – I found I kept hitting them without meaning to. He finds they aren’t placed correctly and can be a bit too sensitive.

And to quote him directly “The Pocket Pulse not a cheaper alternative to the Pulse III. Wait a week before you buy, save your pennies and buy a Pulse III Solo instead. The remote provided is pointless. All it does is control intensity levels. It doesn’t power on/off the toy. Not necessary – there is nothing spontaneous about it. Toy is too expensive for what it is”.

Overall, trying out the Pocket Pulse has rekindled his love of the Pulse III. We know they are designed to be the same kind of toy – it’s just the Pocket Pulse doesn’t deliver what the Pulse III does so well.

You can buy the Pocket Pulse directly from Hot Octopuss here

The Hot Octopuss Pocket Pulse Remote was sent to me from Hot Octopuss in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read!  All images displayed of Hot Octopuss Pocket Pulse Remote are taken by myself!

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