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Bijoux Indiscrets Maze Harness ‘H’

by LSB

The Bijoux Indiscrets Maze Harness ‘H’ is the first item I’ve gotten to try from Bijoux Indiscrets and I just have to talk about their packaging because I am genuinely wowed over.

Ok first things first, there is no wastage. The box is exact to size – extremely classy and displays a very tasteful image of what the product should look like in use. Inside, the Maze Harness is wrapped in fairly strong black paper and sealed with a little gold sticker which compliments the gold writing on the lid. For a 60 dollar price tag, I wouldn’t be expecting this kind of packaging but I instantly felt spoilt. I felt loved and worth it and this was sent to me for review so if this was purchased a gift, you would be receiving some serious brownie points. The box will double up as the perfect storage while not in use as once the back of the box is sitting downwards, no one would be any the wiser. This box has actually sat on my bedside table and many people have travelled through my bedroom and not one has batted an eyelid.

The only one thing I’m not so keen on is the lack of leather smell and while the vegans around me rejoice, I feel deeply saddened. Leather seriously gets me going. It’s part of my build up of exciting thing to happen so if anyone from Bijoux happens to read my review, I’d love a leather option or perhaps, a leather-scented rub to apply. Rather demanding, aren’t I?! The entire piece is made from polyurethane straps which are made from recycled materials.

However, I really do look like I’m rocking leather so Bijoux Indiscrets have nailed it from an aesthetic point of view.

The collar has 6 holes and the waist tie has 9. Each strap has two metal studs which the strap will click into. The excess strap is then kept in place with a gold coloured metal band which freely moves along the piece. I am a UK size 10. To be comfortable I need to tie the waist at hole 6 and 8 which doesn’t leave a lot of room for growth if I were to put on any weight. The piece, however, has quite a bit excess material that isn’t holed so I’m sure I could add to it. I did try looking online to see what this piece is advertised at accommodating size wise but failed to find any information on it.

I am fairly big-boned considering my weight and clothes size but I personally feel if you are anything above a size UK 12 then this piece definitely won’t work for you, unless of course, you are happy with putting extra holes in the piece. If so, I am certain it would fit up to a smaller UK size 16. What I don’t understand is why Bijoux Indiscrets have left the extra length there? Why not add the extra holes? It limits their audience and I’m sure in production wouldn’t take much to add a few more and in the long run make the Bijoux Indiscrets Maze Harness more accessible.

In use, the Bijoux Indiscrets Maze Harness ‘H’  is super comfortable.

I love the support the middle strap gives my chest. You literally slip your breasts into the harness before you tie it and I love the lift it gives. We find the ties are strong enough to allow me to be pulled around but a defiant sub might easily wriggle out as there isn’t an option to padlock the piece.

What I personally love is how it sits. The Bijoux Indiscrets Maze Harness ‘H’ could easily be worn over clothes for kink events – the piece oozes class but it’s versatility allows it to be so much more. A little sizing adjustments and it’s perfect in my opinion.

The piece should be just rubbed down with a damp cloth to clean it and the tags say it shouldn’t be scrubbed or you risk damaging the material .

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