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We – Vibe Gala : Dual Motor Clitoral Vibe Review

by LSB

To be honest I was left wondering what exactly was different about the Gala when I tried it first. Not one to read the box fully before I try something, it seemed to be very like the Touch or perhaps the Wish, as it has the same pebble shaped body but with two prongs.

It wasn’t until I have tried and failed to get off with the Gala that I went researching and discovered it is very much different from them – I was using it all wrong.

The Gala really comes to life when used with the app. The app allows you to independently control each nub. They can be used separately or/and together and the toy is so much easier to control using the app. We-Vibe have really ironed out any kinks that were previously there while using the app – I must admit it is rather top notch now. The app allows you to see how much battery is left in your toy and using it’s ‘lover’ function you can get off without even pressing a button yourself – your ‘lover’ can do all the work for you over Bluetooth.

I love the patterns available in the app and I love how specific I can be controlling how they work – a custom controlled wank. I can have one side higher/lower than the other or perhaps increase or decrease the pattern. I basically can personalise down to a tee exactly how I want the toy to feel.

I’ve spoken about the app before in many other reviews so check out those here, here and here. You can download it in the Android or Apple store and your toy will buzz twice once a connection has been formed using Bluetooth.

Of course, the toy can be used without the app. There are three buttons on the Gala – +/- power on and off as well as increasing and decreasing speeds and the centre circled buttons allows the user to flick between the patterns. I find the Gala needs to cranked up high for me to benefit from it but there are 10 different speeds to chose from.

The Gala arrives with a manual, USB charger, a sachet of lube and storage bag. I love the new style packaging but I really wish my Gala had the same ombre effect that is pictured on the box because it looks stunning.  It is made from smooth, seamfree silicone so should only be used with a suitable water based lube and it is 100% waterproof so cleaning the Gala isn’t an issue.

The Gala is charged via the super strong, impressive magnetic changing system and a 90 minutes charge will give you 2 hours playtime.

The Gala is quite light to hold and easy enough to position. I like how it hugs my clit in use. I don’t, however, like how much vibration travels into my hand during use. I know it’s marketed as this not happening but for me, it does. I wish it happened on one side only as I actually don’t mind the vibrations on the inside of the toy as it presses it against my vulva. It really helps with getting me off. The Gala is made with an indent on the underbody which is designed to ‘hug’ and lay against my vulva in use while the two prongs caress my clit for a handsfree play, however, this option doesn’t work with my body.

I’m not sure on my feels regarding the Gala – it’s not a complete write-off as I can come with it. I just need to work a little harder to get there. Because it is made by We-Vibe that silicone case does house some decent, deep rumbly vibrations and I think for someone who finds their Tango a bit much – then this toy is perfect for them. For me, I’m not sure. Like I can’t fault the toy because build wise, quality and appearance – it is 100% perfect. I just find the silicone dampens the strength of the vibrations a little too much for me and right now given the amount of variation on the market, there are toys out there who can do the job a lot quicker.

However, all that being said – the Gala when I do eventually get there, provides me with deep, satisfying orgasms, which is why I think this toy is perfect for folks for find their Tango overwhelming.

If interested, you can purchase the Gala from LovehoneyUK LovehoneyUS |

The Gala was sent to me from We-Vibe in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read!  All images displayed of We-Vibe Gala are taken by myself

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