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Hot Octopuss Queen Bee

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When you read Hot Octopuss the first thing likely to come to your mind is the Pulse – a toy designed for penis owning people and their partners. And until recently, you’d be right. However, the folks over at Hot Octopus have recently broadened their range and created the Queen Bee, a toy designed with vulvas in mind, however – it’s very much in our opinion, a unisex toy. A wand-like toy, you could say.

The Queen Bee is boxed in typical Hot Octopuss packaging – sleek and sexy packaging and arrives with a magnetic charger, a manual and a storage bag.The storage bag has Hot Octopuss printed across the bottom of it – a feature I rather like as my collection builds, it can be a bugger to source out exactly which bag holds what.

First impressions for this toy aren’t great I must admit – I dislike how the toy feels and worry it’s TPE tacky texture will feel draggy in use. I do wonder why Hot Octopuss coated the Queen Bee in TPE and even though they say it’s high medical grade, for a toy that is in the luxury price range – I would have expected more.

I guessed its size fairly well so I wasn’t shocked by that and I know other folks dislike the grey colouring but I, however, like it very much. It isn’t your typical looking sex toy and I find it’s colouring keeps within the Hot Octopuss colour scheme and brand. Holding it, I am very impressed and a little shocked at the weight – I genuinely expected it to be heavier than it is. And yes, it is very much shaped and resembles a hairbrush!

The charger provided is magnetic – it is quite strong and doesn’t come loose during charging.

The Queen Bee is super easy to operate. Power button turns it on and off – the circle button is the mode button and when pressed provides 6 various patterns to chose from. The (+) and (-) buttons increase or decrease power and the (-) will also power off the toy. From what I can make out, there is 6 power levels.

In use, the controls are hard to use. The toy will always power on at the lowest, continuous pattern.  In use, I automatically go to the power plate side and really struggle to control the toy. The controls are facing away from me and mid wank it’s distracting trying to get the toy to behave how I need it to. I keep knocking it off and this can be distracting – after a few goes though , it got easier to control.

Made with the patented Power-Pulse plate found in the award-winning Pulse range – the Queen Bee works by delivering oscillations instead of vibrations. The toy, however, only has one motor on the power plate side and I feel the vibrations aren’t strong enough to penetrate over to the textured side. Though, to be honest this isn’t a big deal for me. I do enjoy texture on my clitoris, usually more pinpointed than what the Queen Bee can deliver.

The noise is something I have mention. It’s loud. There really isn’t any way in getting away from that.  Loud; to the point I can only use when I’m the only one at home. It’s far too loud to drown out under a duvet. Even at lowest speeds. Power wise though it is certainly on point with my main powered toys and considering it is only a rechargeable toy – the amount of power the Queen Bee packs is rather impressive.

Now the main question – does the Queen Bee work for me?

Yes – yes it does. Surprisingly. My clitoris loves pinpointed stimulation. And it’s fussy. The Queen Bee is as far as being pinpointed as I am being straight but it coaxes my clitoris into orgasmic submission with ease every time. And I genuinely have no idea how it does it. It has the ability to provide me with seriously deep orgasms even with my clit encased in my labia. I put the Queen Bee between my legs and rock away. I can lean against the toy with lots of pressure and it doesn’t power off (pushing on the plate will stop it though). I am really impressed and confused. The power penetrates through clothing easily. My OH enjoys the Queen Bee used on him too – unlike me, he prefers the patterns, especially around his head. It works well as a foreplay toy.

I am genuinely shocked. Thumbs up from me!

The Queen Bee is 100% waterproof meaning clean up isn’t an issue, however, I would mention taking extra care around the rim of the power plate and the textured side as gunk could catch in there.

If interested you can purchase the Queen Bee directly from Hot Octopuss here

The Hot Octopuss Queen Bee was sent to me from Hot Octopuss in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read!  All images displayed of Hot Octopuss Queen Bee are taken by myself!

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