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#SoSS – Share Our Shit 11

by LSB

Hey Y’all – it’s Saturday again so time to share some amazing posts for another #SOSS. Below is just some of the blog posts that jumped out at me 🙂


Hannah Likes Dirty Words – Girlfriends

This is super hot. The sexiness of it kinda creeps up without you realising. I have been in a similar situation with a friend and reading this made me remember and feel things I’d forgotten. Super hot post, Hannah

Check out Hannah’s post here.


Joanne’s Reviews – Persian Palm Eva

Oooh this is so pretty. I love the colours and designs Joanne chose to decorate her toy with. Really informative review and I’m itching to try some ceramic now.

Check out Joanne’s review here


Pain as Pleasure – Holiday Treat

Not full of his usual kind of words. This post seems to be a show off kind of post. And really, can you blame him? I feel all kind of jealous looking at this image. His hands cupped around Lily’s breasts, her body looking glorious in that harness. Lucky bugger! (I hope you are enjoying your hols by the way)

Check out Biblious One’s post here

Aurora Glory – 5 Body Types & The Sexiest Valentine’s Lingerie For Them

Awesome post. Fully jam-packed to the brim of loads of info if you are struggling to find the perfect lingerie piece – then Aurora got you covered. I love her choices – and find this post really interesting. A def must read for Valentine’s shopping.

Check Aurora’s post here


Understanding Flutterby – Seeking Restoration

Seems I missed the boat to see more of Understanding Flutterby’s posts as she didn’t take part in Sinful Sunday that much anymore but if a quick post like this appears every now and then, I’d be super happy. This image is divine. I love how dark it is – the slight blur adds to the image and allows me to spot more because I have to go looking for things. A little hint of a collar and splashes of wax.

Check out Understanding Flutterby’s image here

A to sub-Bee – Vogue

The lyrics were made for these images. Stunning, superbly creative and knowing they are behind a shower screen adds a very hot voyeuristic feel.  I love the edit – really interesting.

Cheak out Bee’s image here

Since my last #SoSS post, I have published the following on my site :



That’s all for this week folks – check out the #SOSS hashtag on twitter for more Share our Saturday posts



Ps: Check my other #SoSS posts here

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