Bound to Please Silicone Bone Gag

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Oh man I was a super excited to be asked to test the Bound to Please silicone Bone gag. I have wanted a bit style gag for ages. I already have ball gags and O-ring style gags but a bit style version had yet to grace the inside of my toybox. 

And the Bound to Please Silicone Bone Gag has not disappointed.

The gag is approx 26 inches in entire length. The bone is just under 6 inches from side to side. There are 10 holes in which to fasten the gag – it really could fit lots of different head sizes. When fastened the gag has the ability to be kept closed via padlock as the fastening pin is looped. The bone is approx 3 inches in circumference, is rather comfortable to wear and I feel it is suitable for folk with smaller mouths. Made from 100% silicone – it is easily cleaned, sterilized and is completely tasteless.

Aesthetically, this gag is awesome. We wouldn’t be into pet play much (one might argue otherwise if they saw all my tails) but if you are, then this gag is certainly one to add to your toy chest.

In a play session, a gag is usually one of the first things that goes on me. Mainly because I’m a brat and I can try to Top from the bottom. I must admit I enjoy wearing a gag for various reasons – one, I happen to find the incredibly hot. Two, I find they help me get in sub mode easier – I accept I am required to be quiet but this in a way also helps me channel my thoughts easier too. And three, I get something to bite on. And by god, have I  chomped down on this. The silicone, as you can see from my pictures just bounced back into place. I usually take images before we use items however, this was used pretty much straight after its arrival.

I asked my OH thoughts on it and he echoed my thoughts on how well it’s made. He also said he loves the degrading feel to this gag. This really interested me because I wouldn’t get that from this gag at all. It oozes pet play to me but like I said we wouldn’t dabble there so I’m guessing this is why he sees it from a degrading point of view.

Overall, if you are after a new gag and are still iffing and butting which one is for you – I’d highly recommend taking a chance on this one. Not our usual ‘style’- but it is one that will clearly be used over and over.

If interested you can purchase your bone gag here

I would like to take the opportunity to thank for sending me Bound to Please Silicone Bone Gag in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read! All images displayed of Bound to Please Silicone Bone Gag are taken by myself.

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