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Womanizer 2Go – A lipstick style Vibe to keep you satisfied

by LSB

Designed on an actual tube of lipstick – I’m guessing for stealth mode kinda wanks, there really isn’t anything discreet about the Womanizer 2Go as far as size is concerned. However, it does have quite a lot going for it all the same – continue reading and let me explain why.

Womanizer so far has been hit and miss for me – not the mechanics as much but the shape and design of their toys. I LOVE my Pro40. Shape, size, controls – it actually has all I need from a toy. The W500, however, is a different story – it’s aesthetics are just beautiful. Full of pretty rose print pattern and I guess even the Swarovski adds to the luxury feel but sadly that’s as far as it goes for me. That button is a pain in the ass to push and the sizing is awkward to hold.

I did wonder what the hell was Womanzier thinking when this version arrived for testing but in all honesty, it is rather discreet. Fair enough – it may not pull off the sneaky lipstick look but you happened to forget you had it in your bag and your mate was rooting around in there, they are very unlikely to pull it out are they?  Well unless they start wondering why you got yourself a new gigantic lipstick 🤣 Jokes aside though – it certainly does have potential!

Inside the classy, magnetic lidded box – you’ll get your toy, instructions, charger cable and also another head, which is larger than the one the comes attached to it which I think is awesome as it will cover a range of differently sized clitoris’. The toy has a body of ABS plastic and is tipped with a removable silicone head.

I opted to review the white version but it does come in black and pink/ mint version too for those more interested in other colours.

The Womanizer 2Go is operated using one button, which is found at the base of the toy. Down there is where you will also find the charging point for the toy under a piece of silicone. It needs to be removed to charge the toy and replaced correctly as this is what stops water from penetrating the toy during clean up or water-based playtime. This sealed off charging point also allows the Womanizer 2Go to boast it’s waterproof abilities.

The toy takes an hour charge and this provides 2 hours of playtime. While the toy is charging it emits a flashing green light and once fully charged, it will go static. It also has a warning red light which flashes if the toy needs to be charged.  As always though – the battery life out does the time to said it should last and even on half power, the Womanizer 2Go still gets the job done.

In use, I genuinely feel like this version would be the perfect toy for someone completely new to toys. The one button controls and the shape of the toy make it super easy to use. It only weighs 130g – it’s light and doesn’t dead my arm in use. Also, a dab of water-based lube on your clit before use made the experience a lot more pleasurable, though that is personal preference. It isn’t always needed. It isn’t overly noisy while pressed against my body either – however power it up away from the body and it does produce some interesting noises.

I think the lipstick shape is rather ingenious actually. It cups my clit and the pinpoint tip provides sensations that run up along my clitoral hood – I really wasn’t expecting those kinds of feels. It gives me the kind of orgasms that build quickly, tip you over the edge and continue quivering through you minutes later. Bliss.

It has 6 vibrations settings in total and I can come easily at the third – are you more of a power queen than me? There are still 3 more settings to go through. The only issue I have is you cannot go back and forth through the settings. You have to go all the way through to go back to the one you wanted which can be irritating so I recommend relaxing and progress through the settings to minimalise the risk of interrupting play.

Wasn’t expecting to enjoy this toy as much as I do – definitely an awesome addition to the Womanizer family. The design of this toy makes it the perfect travel companion – it is discreet and from a hygiene perspective, the lid is just genius. Also the on/off button does need to be pressed for a few secs beofre powering on so I have no worries about it powering on itself while in transport.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Orion for sending me the Womanizer2Go in exchange for an honest and impartial review this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read! All images displayed of Womanizer G0 are taken by myself!

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