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Fun Factory BÜCK DICH – the spanking dildo !

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This toy ticks so many boxes for me – it’s the kink and the sheer filth of knowing something that causes pain is about to cause pleasure. And even better because that pleasure will be caused by actually being fucked by it as well as spanked. Let me present, dear readers, the Fun Factory BÜCK DICH.

BÜCK DICH is German for bend over and I am more than happy to do so. One end gives a two-sided spanking paddle. The other is basically the Stronic Drei but to me, it looks like Tiger, which I reviewed the vibrating G5 version here. There’s no bells and whistle to this toy and looks clearly ain’t deceiving – this toy looks like a means business. And it delivers on that.

Arriving in Fun Factory’s usual style packaging – there ain’t no mistaking the weight of this toy. At 390g approx you just know this toy means business and oozes potential. One side of the paddle is completely smooth and the other is stippled.

The BÜCK DICH is approx just over 12 inches in entire length – just over 5 inches is insertable. The paddle is 5 inches in width and 1 cm thick. The entire piece is made from 100% silicone. It can even be used for anal should you want to as the point in which the dildo and paddle meet is flared.

Blindfolded, I received the dildo. Make no mistake it needs lube, as wonderful as FunFactory’s silicone is – its also draggy AF.  It needs lashings of a water-based lube to stop the draggy sensation. However, the night in question – I was gagged, tied up and as I said blindfolded. My OH didn’t apply as much lube as I would personally apply myself and I actually enjoyed the drag. I guess it added to kink. I got off on it so much so it wasn’t long before I was wet enough to no longer feel the drag.

The dildo side is full of texture and as I’ve previously mentioned, I wouldn’t usually be a fan. However, I enjoyed the Tiger and I enjoy the dildo side of the BÜCK DICH too. The textured side doubles up as a handle and provides adequate grip once wet.

Where the BÜCK DICH really excels is the paddle. Sweet sweet deep thuds.

Seriously deep. I really wasn’t expecting to enjoy the slaps as much as I did. I tolerated a serious beating the night this was used. My OH alternated between the BÜCK DICH and a silicone crop – I’d usually prefer the crop. I love sting but the crop wasn’t a patch on this beauty. It is frigging awesome. The toy has a plasticmorph coating which basically means you can whack away to your heart’s content without the toy losing its rigidity. It’s also there to help how the strength of the whacks penetrate – I guess it stops vibrations running through the handle giving the user optimal control.

Facing him, eyes locked together, he fucked me while simultaneously hitting my ass and thighs. It was glorious. I genuinely feel I couldn’t word how spectacular it was because I feel I wouldn’t do it enough justice. I do however have a blog post coming about this so keep eyes peeled on more about the BÜCK DICH. 

The Fun Factory BÜCK DICH was sent to me in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read!  All images displayed of Fun Factory BÜCK DICH are taken by myself!

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