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Tenga Flex – Black and White

posted by LSB January 4, 2018 2 Comments

If you have seen my other Tenga reviews, you’ll already know Tenga is a firm favourite in our house. I love the feel of their silicone and the texture my Kushi provides and my OH has been converted into a lube lover thanks to the realistic feels of Tenga lubes.

He loves his  Twists and the Flip Zero so how would the latest edition, the new Tenga Flex – both Silky White and Rocky Black fair out in the LSB household?


Each of the new Tenga Flexes come in a molded, spiral-shaped out casing and depending on which colour you buy – you’ll get a different sensation. The material – TPE – is thicker and softer than previous strokers showing these will last longer. However, the Flip Zero would be a better option if you wanting a toy to last, as the material of the Zero feels more superior.

These versions were harder for him to use in comparison to the other Tenga masturbators he has tried previously due to how hard it is for him to actually get into the opening. Ergonomically designed so fluid doesn’t escape during use – but it’s a bit of a bugger to get into in the first place. They need loads of lube during use but the sachet provided, will supply enough for one use. They can’t be twisted while in use which he felt seemed to be the main idea behind them. (I tried to twist them with two hands and I couldn’t manage it either.) However, they are super comfortable to hold and the ribbed outer casing provides an awesome amount of decent grip-able texture, even if hands are slippy.

Each colour provides something different. The White sleeve – known as Silky White is the tamer version outta the two, in our experience. Textures are a lot milder in the white than that of the Rocky Black sleeve.

My OH personally prefers the White Flex – he felt the air hole on the top of the outer casing works better than the black at creating a pleasurable suction experience. However, you really need to be fully erect before you can even get into either Flex. The inner detailing of the White is soft nubs and ribs.

The inner detailing of the Black is a lot stronger in personality than the White. Very textured. The air hole and suction didn’t work as well. He feels lots of lube is required while using the Rocky Black version and feels prolonged use may cause dick chaffing! That doesn’t sound appealing to me so I think if I had a dick – I’d be opting for the white version.

I found them both easy to use, (once I got him in) – they are light, comfortable to hold but make a serious amount of noise. I found this to be case whichever one of us was holding them. They squish and slurp goodo.

The Flex is super easy to clean though- simply slide out the sleeve and turn it inside out, wash well with soap and water and use the lid to rack it. (Look at above pic) The lid of the Flex once popped out and doubles up as a very clever drying rack for your toy. Once dry, turn it the right way around and pop the lid and rod back in. I find putting the sleeve back in with the rod in place helps as it’s a bit of bugger to get inside otherwise. Also squeezing the middle of the sleeve while inserting, also helps.

It is worth noting the Flexes are made of TPE. They cannot be fully sterilized and require a lot of care while washing to make sure all the nodules and ridges have been fully cleaned. Over time, they will die because TPE is porous and will eventually degrade.  However, this hasn’t happened with any of out Tenga Masturbators so far.

Overall, while of course he enjoyed trying them out – the Flexes won’t beat his Twists as they really are his personal favourites. I personally feel from his reactions and how he was using the toy as well as the feedback he’s given if you are in anyway girthy – these really aren’t the toy for you.

If interested though, you can purchase the White here |Lovehoney UK| or the Black here |LovehoneyUK    |   LovehoneyUS  |

The Tenga Flex was sent to me in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read!  All images displayed of Tenga Flex are taken by myself!

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Bondage God January 5, 2018 at 7:24 pm

I did expect them to be slightly better than how the sound.

LSB January 5, 2018 at 7:26 pm

Aye – we did too. Sadly, they aren’t as good as other Tenga toys we tried!


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