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Rocks Off Purple Heart

by LSB

I was genuinely gutted when I removed the Rocks Off Purple Heart from the packaging to discover it runs on batteries. The put in kind- not the plug in and charge kind. Like I’m normally so careful when I chose a toy – this Rocks Off Purple Heart caught my eye though so I guess the guard wasn’t as strong as it should be.

I am delighted to admit I was wrong in this case regards battery powered toys – by god can this baby vibrate! Deep, rumbly vibrations too.

The Rocks Off Purple Heart is made up of a silicone heart, coated silicone operating buttons and an ABS plastic handle. I guess you could compare it to a mini wand and aesthetically, it is rather pretty I must admit. Though, I am not keen on the gold plastic battery compartment casing however it does complement the purple quite well. The area around the buttons illuminates into a pretty purple light while the toy is powered on.

The toy needs 4 AAA batteries to operate which are supplied with the toy which is rather awesome as I don’t make a point of keeping batteries in for toys anymore as I usually use rechargeable or mains powered versions. On replacing the battery compartment casing, I would recommend noting if the tip of the heart is facing down then the gold bit needs to be facing up – it has a <3 print on it. Otherwise, you’ll end up having an argument with the lid, like me! Also it worth mentioning – around the base there is a rubber band. This needs to remain on the base of the toy at all times otherwise you risk damaging your toy while cleaning it. This band makes the toy waterproof.

It operates using two buttons – on/off and mode. I adore the super quick power on/off button. With 3 continuous speeds and 7 patterns, you are sure to find something to tickle your fancy. I personally enjoy speed 1 and 2 – the third speed, however, is where you can feel the buzzy vibes comes in. This, however, isn’t an issue for me because I can get off easily with the first two speeds.

However, it is loud. There isn’t anything secretive about this vibe and hiding it under my duvet isn’t enough to mask the vibrations.

I do however enjoy the fact I can use the Rocks Off Purple Heart for pinpoint and broad stim. The tipped heart provides me with accurate pinpoint vibes while the body of the heart feels awesome for body massage or simply left sitting on my vulva.

I am genuinely shocked at how powerful this battery operated toy is. It is super cute and overall, has really won me over.

If interested you can purchase the Rocks Off Purple Heart here 

The Rocks Off Purple Heart was sent to me in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read! All images displayed of Rocks Off Purple Heart are taken by myself.

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