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End of Year Review – 2017 #SOSS 8

posted by LSB December 30, 2017 0 comments

Wow – where the bloody hell did 2017 go? This year has bloody flown!

This is a quick post just to mention what I’ve loved about 2017 and it’s also a very quick #SoSS post too 🙂

Firstly, the support and love this community shows each other 🙂 This year saw the birth of #SoSS – Share our Shit Saturday. Since taking part each week and sharing posts I’ve come across, I have found new blogs to read and enjoy. There are loads of blogs popping up and sometimes it’s hard to spot everyone. If you use twitter, check out the #SOSS hashtag. I promise it is sure to show you some amazing finds <3

It is also my first full year taking part in SinfulSunday. Here, I have found blogs to read as well as perv over. I love this meme – it is one thing I truly look forward to taking part in every week. Not alone does it allow me to converse with over Sinful Sinners but it is something myself and my OH like to do together too. Full to brim of body positive folks, it truly is an amazing project to be a part of it. I have learned to love my body (even the bits I don’t like) a little bit more than I did because of this meme <3

If it’s something you are interested in but don’t blog – get in touch, I’d love to host your image 🙂 And if you do blog but not sure how to take part – I’d love to help you too 😀

Speaking of Sinful Sunday – these images are my favourites from last week :

There’s a bit of a theme going on here as the images I love this week involve lights or my very favourite – blacks, whites and greys <3

Tabitha Rayne – Waiting For Saucy Santa

This image is all kinds of sexy! I am a huge fan of Tabitha’s glorious body anyway but this imge has me wishing I was the saucy Santa she is waiting for!

Check Tabitha’s image out here

SextonBeetle – Wrap Me In Lights 17 

This image is glorious – possibly one of my favourites this year. And the fact you have a beard just makes it even better! I love the edit – the positioning of each little light. Awesome image.

Check out Sexton Beetle’s post on May’s blog here

Cammies on the Floor – Festiveness 

I love this image – I also the addition of the extra row of lights at the front of the image because the extra light at the front hides more from the back meaning I had to really look. Each little light highlights a bit more of Cammie’s body and particularly love the light at the top which highlights her cascading hair so beautifully.


My Blog Stats 2017 :

Most popular Review :


Most popular Post :


Most Popular Sinful Sunday:


Some specific search terms that brought folks to my blog:

Irish lasses in restraints, stockings fishnet bitch, girl in skirt wearing furry butt plug.

Most hits from:

USA – nearly a third of my users come from here

Toy favourites:

DoDil, Lelo Sona Cruise and Blush Novelties Hop Jessica  Rabbit

Toy flops:

Mimic Manta Ray, Klittra of Sweden Self Lubricating Vibe and Vibease

My Highlight of the Year:

Being featured on Molly’s top 100 bloggers list. I am so chuffed to be on there not alone feature at number 13. This is has made my blogging year. I love Molly’s work – she is a serious role model of mine so for her to even put me on there – just wow. I am still in awe of this – thank you so much <3 Xx

And in case you haven’t previously checked it out you can do so here – there are loads of amazing bloggers on there.


Thank you to anyone who believes in me, helped me, gave me a shoulder to cry on, companies who work with me and last but certainly not least – to my readers. Thank you all so much for your continued support <3 – it is all so very much appreciated.

Here’s to 2018 – I wish you all a very happy new year and all the love, health and happiness. Xx



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