BVibe Snug Plug #2 – weighted butt plug

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My butt is no stranger to butt toys – but what my toy drawer did lack was a weighted plug. I was super chuffed to get a chance to test one out. I didn’t own any B-Vibe products previous to the BVibe Snug Plug #2 so I really hadn’t have a clue what to expect.

The packaging is super sleek – I love it. Clean, colourful and full of info on the plug. The BVibe Snug Plug #2 is essentially jiggle balls but for your butt and I had big plans for it. Butt first (Lols) let me tell you about the toy itself.

Inside the box, you’ll get an extensive book all about anal play, a really smart travel/storage bag and the plug. On retrieving the plug, I couldn’t help but admire how smooth the silicone is. Completely seem free with a tapered end for easy insertion. As smooth as the silicone is, I’d a feeling it was going to be draggy in use. The BVibe Snug Plug #2 has weights inside it which equate to 114g grams. They jiggle about inside the plug but don’t roll freely around the inside. The plug has a little squish to it but not too much.

In my opinion makes an awesome plug for a beginner due to the tapered tip for ease of insertion and it’s 1.2 inch diameter.  I know there is a smaller option than the 2 but I personally feel this version is an awesome plug to start with. It’s size is very non threatening and I am happy to admit I was wrong, it isn’t draggy at all. Even during removal, I didn’t need to reapply lube which I would normally do ( it was in another room and post sex, I was too lazy to get so – so I chanced it and thankfully, all was good!). Please only use water based lube with though as any if type could possibly damage the silicone.

The stem of the plug is quite long – I felt like the T bar would interfere with PinV but it doesn’t. Actually in fact from behind, it actually felt like I was being double penetrated which was a nice surprise. Missionary however was my favourite as I love how the plug felt in use and it seemed to create an angle and I could my OH ping off my g-spot differently. I feel this is because the plug is more elongated than the typical bulb plug.

What I really wanted the BVibe Snug Plug #2 for though was so my OH could feel the balls jiggle as I twerked on him and it was awesome. I do wish the stem was slightly shorter though as he did describe it as ‘a fine line between pleasure and pain’. I do think for PinV I won’t wear it on top again – which in a way saddens me.

I’m not sure why they left the stem that long, I guess it’s for prolonged wear and  I really feel like it would be a perfect plug for this. Especially given it isn’t draggy and I didn’t need lube for removal. It is super comfy to wear and from an intermediate point of view, I could have easily gone up a size. In fact, I wish I had as I think I would prefer if it was a little heavier.

It is super easy to clean – just whip it out and use hot water and anti-bacterial or toy cleaner.

The  BVibe Snug Plug #2 was sent to me review in exchange for an honest and impartial review. This however in no way changes my opinion on the items. What I honestly think, you read!  All images displayed of the BVibe Snug Plug #2 are taken by myself!

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Elliott Henry December 28, 2017 at 8:13 am

I’ll be sure to give you a review. Thanks for the advice.

Elliott Henry March 24, 2018 at 9:19 pm

I’m ordering another… the right size this time. I like the one I got, but going bigger. I wanted you to get credit and finally found the review.

p.s. your bottom looked lovely on SS this morning.

xoxo e

Elliott Henry March 24, 2018 at 9:30 pm

Order placed. I saw no place to enter LSB. I don’t care about the discount, but wanted them to see you are referring. Maybe that’s when someone does not have an account yet.

LSB March 24, 2018 at 9:38 pm

It really is an awesome plug and super comfortable to wear – which size/colour did you go for?

Thank you so much for using my link <3 I really appreciate the support Xx


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