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by LSB

Hey Y’all – it’s Saturday again so time to share some amazing posts for another #SOSS. This week has been jam packed with amazing work. Below is just some of the blog posts that jumped out at me 🙂


Miss Jezebella – Sexual Opinions

I’m not actually picking out one post in particular – I am recommending the whole damn category, which in my opinion is seriously amazing! Miss Jezebella’s honest writing is top notch and uncovers so much from cervical screening to conception with PCOS to her latest post – nearly a diary entry where she dissects herself completely and feels her work isn’t ‘sexy’ enough. Your voice is needed in this community so please don’t disappear <3

Read Miss Jezebella’s amazing pieces here 


Pain as Pleasure – Wolf in Wolf’s clothing 

Mmmmmmm – this image is so many kinds of fucking yessss! One side of the belt is firmly gripped yet the other side seems to be held slightly softer. The undone tie and the man in a suit just scream sexy to me any way but then all the words attached – a must read/must perv at post!

Check out Bibulous One’s post here

The Other Livvy – Light them up

Livvy’s body is spectacular and each little light highlights it bit by bit. The edit is very dreamy and it’s all kinds of Christmas sexy – perfect for this time of year 🙂

Check out Livvy’s post here



Girl on the Net – Turning my Fleshlight Launch into a spunk milking machine

This review is epic. Full of  sheer determination and a shit load of amazing step by step pictures and of course, GoTN’s witty writing, I got a good giggle as I read it. I really din’t need to say much more – the title covers exactly what’s happening – it’s well worth a snoop!

Check out GoTN’s post here

Bondage God – Fleshlight Heater

Def interested in trying one of these out – we don’t actually have a Fleshlight but we do have plenty strokers and my OH gives out regularly about how cold they are.  Bondage God has explained all the angles one might need to think about purchase.

Check out Bondage God’s post here


Throwback Post:

Blissfully Orgasmic – Going the Distance Series

This entire series to basically possibly one of the most squishist things you’ll read on the net. Of course, if you’ll ask Star (the person behind Blissfully Orgasmic) she’d prob disagreed but really, her series is basically a text book Disney happy ever after. Full to the brim of loads of tips on how to keep your LDR going as well as the struggles you can experience – it’s well worth a read.

Check out Star’s series here


That’s all for this week folks – check out the #SOSS hashtag on twitter for more Share our Saturday posts

Ps: Check my other #SoSS posts here

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