Lelo Sona Cruise – Sonic Wave Clitoral Simulator

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The Lelo Sona Cruise brings something new to the bar – something my Satisfyers and Womanizers sadly can’t. In fact, it’s a bold statement to make but it has kicked everything else out of the favourites drawer! Yip folks  – it’s that frigging good.

Of course my love affair with the Lelo Sona Cruise didn’t start out this way. I hated it the first time my OH tried it on me – he expected with good reason, I need it whacked up like everything else I own. The pressure and  intensity immediately made my clit scream ‘no bloody way’ so we stopped using it. You see the Sona doesn’t need to be jacked up – it can simply cruise along at first speed and all you need is to simply push it harder against your body and the pressure increases. How frigging cool is that!

Ever hold a toy against just as you are about to come – everything you have done to prepare for this moment is about to finally pay off and just are *just* about to come – streamers and fireworks are about to go off as that amazing orgasm floods through your entire body except it doesn’t. It doesn’t because the toy stops when pressure is applied. Yes – this has happened me with certain versions of Satisfyer. Not so much with my Womanizers though.

However, the Lelo Sona Cruise isn’t like your typical suction toy.

It’s more than that. It claims to cover 75% of the clitoris and considering only about 25% of it is actually visual-able to the eye – that is a rather bold statement to make. Bold but yet very accurate.

Lelo supply you with a USB charging cable, instructions, warranty, a sachet of lube and a satin storage bag. Once charged, it should provide 60 minutes worth of play. So far, I seem to have got longer out of mine. When you hold the Sona it’s hard not to be impressed with the sheer quality of it – Lelo’s silicone is like velvet. I remember being super impressed with my Ella when it arrived. Lelo’s silicone is super smooth velvety soft without a lump, bump or seam to seen. And teamed up with Lelo embossed gold front made from ABS plastic- it oozes luxury. To be honest though, given what the Sona is capable of doing – I genuinely  don’t care what it looks like.

Very simple interface – up/down and mode – all can be controlled easily without me needing to look at it mid play but where I really fall in love with the Sona is it’s shape. I can be as rough as I’d like, apply as much pressure as I’d like without having to worry I’ll knock it off – I can push it against me so the ‘Cruise’ version kicks in  or I can pull it out from my body and it feels as if it were ‘blowing raspberries’ on me. The Sona Cruise is the first ‘suction’ style toy I have experienced the cold sensation others report they get from Satisfyers and Womanizers. I have never experienced that previously.

It fits as if it were made for my hand. So perfectly into my palm. It is surprising quiet considering how powerful it is – it has 8 different modes  and being the power queen I am, I find it strange to admit I only need to go up to the second level. I am not really fussed about the patterns but patterns aren’t really my thing anyway.

The only downfall I can see with the Sona Cruise is the head of it is built in – unlike my Womanizers which come with multiple heads – the Sona’s is actually integrated into the body. It’s not a big deal for cleaning it as it’s waterproof but for folks who enjoy the extra large head – it may be. There is a little dip just inside the head which will need attention especially if you are like and load on the lube before play. A cotton bud works a treat to clean it out though.

If interested you can purchase the Lelo Sona Cruise here  or the regular Sona here. At time of post you can grab a whopping €80 off each.

The  Lelo Sona Cruise was sent to me in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read!  All images displayed of  Lelo Sona Cruise are taken by myself!

Affiliate links have been used in this post.

**Please Note**

I did agree to review this knowing all what’s gone on regarding Lelo’s marketing – which can you read all about in Lilly’s post here. I don’t agree with it, I don’t condone it. I am a pleasure addict so I gave in. Don’t judge me 🙈

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