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#SoSS – Share our Shit Saturday 5

by LSB

Hey Y’all – it’s Saturday again so time to share some amazing posts for another #SOSS. This week has been jam packed with amazing work. Below is just some of the blog posts that jumped out at me 🙂


Rebel’s Notes – Quick Release

This post is so relateable – I feel every word Marie has said. I think every partnership goes through phases like this. In a very open and honest post, Marie explains how she gets her quick release and it is something we both do.

Check out Marie’s post here

 Wriggly Kitty – Wrong Side of Slash

I love this post – it’s almost a diary entry relaying some very secret thoughts. Ones she loves and ones she secretly loves but hates to admit it. I really wish I was able to channel this side of me more. I feel almost a pang of jealously reading it – I hope you figure this out. I wanna know more 🙂

Check out WrigglyKitty’s post here

Aurora Glory – Bad Parents Guide to some form of a Sex Life

Anyone with kids can relate to this very clever, witty post. Aurora has hit the nail on the head and I almost feel like I’m normal after reading it. I guess as a sex blogger – we kinda feel like we need to be having marathons of sex  – while realistically, juggling family life this isn’t always possible. Packed full of tips – this post is def worth a read.

Check out Aurora’s Post here

Girl on the Net – Guest Post: She wears Leather for me

This is one seriously hot post. I have no idea if this is based on actual real life events or fiction, part of me secretly hopes it is real. Written beautifully – the way Jason speaks of his wife is heart warming.Real honest – no detail is left out which leads up to a very interesting climax – if you haven’t checked this post out – you need to – now!

Check out GOTN’s guest post here 


SassyCat – Frustration 

I make it no lie I love and simply adore Cat’s images – her work is always different, always steps outside box. This set of images of course, is no exception – her eyes always say so much to me and titled ‘War Paint’ I feel she is able to kick ass in these pics, yet I feel the pain there too. Intriguing!

Check out SassyCat’s images here

The Other Livvy – Brake Lights

Your body is perfection and this image highlights it so beautifully. It needs to be printed and framed – the red light has created the most stunning backdrop. The images oozes a sexiness to it – one I feel I could see watching down a street in Amsterdam. Really hot image!

Check out Livvy’s image here

Tabitha Rayne – The Colour of Passion

This image is spectacular – a double sided mirror, two separate reflections and a few bangles. This images screams a sexy smugness and I am dying to know what, where or even who Tabitha is about to seduce. The angles captured in one shot is bloody fantastic!

Check out Tabitha’s image here

Pain as Pleasure – A Spatter of Blood

As a Dexter lover, I love this post. I love how he has created a scene to go with it – you nearly feel as if you are there analyzing each bit. I don’t wanna say much more but you really need to check this post out – it’s awesome 😀

Check out Bibulous One’s post here


Throwback Post:

Last week, Aurora posted a throwback post and with her permission, I stole this idea.

Molly’s Daily Kiss – Spreading my Wings

This image had to be my first throwback. I love this image – possibly more than any other image Molly has shared. Yes, this is me – the one that can never pick of favourite anything settling on a favourite. This is stunning, really beautiful image that jumps out at me every time I see it from the copper highlights in the trees to the flickers of light peeking through – it is simply breath taking.

Check out Molly’s image here



That’s all for this week folks – check out the #SOSS hashtag on twitter for more Share our Saturday posts

Ps: Check my other #SoSS posts here

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