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Which Nipple Clamps should you buy?

by LSB

Ever wondered which nipple clamps should you buy? Sure you have – I know I have. There are so many types and brands on the market, it can be hard to know which one would be suitable for you. Depending on the level of which you currently play at or even perhaps how curious you might be, there is pretty much a clamp to suit your needs.

I was recently sent three different types of nipple clamps but these are only the tip of the iceberg to be honest. All from the Bound to Please range, these nipple clamps are suitable for all levels of play really. We have previously tried the ‘tweezers’ style version but the ‘vice’ clamp version were new to us. And I must admit in use I was genuinely shocked at the levels of intensities each type produced.

All types arrived in a basic black cardboard box – no bells and whistles here but for a price range varying from £9.95 to £12.95 what do you expect. I personally keep all my clamps in a little storage bag so it may be worth picking one up.

The first type we tried out were the ‘Tweezers’. Two tweezers style clamps, each tipped in rubber.  Each side has a ring of metal around it – the idea is once you have secured the tip in place, you slide the ring forward until you reach the intensity you require. For me personally these are rather tame – I think most types that work the same way this version does and are marketed as beginners. To be fair though, depending on what these are attaching to, they could be a lot more vicious. More flesh inside the tips will heighten the tension. We already have a few versions like this so I knew the drill on how they would work. However, none of them are held together with a chain so I did wonder if that would increase the sensations for me. Not really if I’m honest – I did like there was now an option to pull or tug on the chain but I had hoped the chain would add weight but it is very light. 

You can buy this version here


Next were the very menacing looking ‘Vice’ clamps – I really had high hopes for these as well as admitting, I was equally terrified. Metal on metal, I had high hopes for pure evil, I figured the rubber would insulate the tips on the other types so these bad boys must mean business. However, this is a pure example of looks can be deceiving. These clamps are made for a pussy cat. Genuinely, I am shocked at how tame they are. More suitable for a beginner than the ‘tweezers’ type in my opinion. Tightened to the last and tugging on that chain for Ireland, I had more chance of pain happening from falling off the bed in boredom. I was gutted – I had signed myself up test evils stuffs but instead received a bag full of tameness. Humpf!

You can buy this version here

Still undecided which nipple clamps are for you – keep reading!

However, all was not lost. I had after all received three versions and the last version had the added clit clamp. To be fair, I wasn’t overly excited about these clamps either as they resembled the tweezers type. Except these ones had the addition of a screw. The screw, once moved replicates exactly how a spring would work. For example, tightened inwards will make them have less of bite. This type has the added clit clamp and all clamps are connected via an O- ring. This version can be tugged or pulled – it doesn’t come lose and the clamps really provide a decent bite. Though, they are most definitely suitable for newbies too. My most favourite out of the lot – this version will see you through out all your needs.

You can buy this version here

Personally, I would definitely pick up the nipple/clit clamp version – this version is awesome. How they can be adjusted means they are suitable from a beginner all the way up. The extra clamp is fun – three is better than one eh?

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Sextoys.co.uk for sending me all these Bound to Please clamps in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read! All images displayed of Bound to Please clamps are taken by myself, unless otherwise stated.

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Elliott Henry December 7, 2017 - 5:10 am

It would be so much fun to go nipple clamp shopping with a friend and help her pick out just the right one. Then she could help me try on some rings.

Sal Ruiz-Esparza July 10, 2019 - 3:30 pm

Thanks for the review and advice. Now I can make an educated decision when buying our first nipple clamps. I was considering a type that looked very industrial and thought that it would have a stronger firmer grip. But now I know better.


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