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Fifty Shades Freed Blooms Clitoral Vibe

by LSB

I’ve actually quite a few bits from the Fifty Shades range – however this Fifty Shades Freed Blooms Clitoral Vibe is my first item from the Freed range.

Lovehoney seem to have really upped their game with this range. From the outer packaging, to colour scheme and overall appearances, this range feels more luxurious. It does remind me quite a bit of their awarding winning Desire range.

Inside the box, you’ll find a beautiful deep purple satin storage bag, instructions, USB charger cable and the toy itself which rests on a plastic tray. As I held the Fifty Shades Freed Blooms Clitoral Vibe, I couldn’t help but admire how flawless the silicone looks. Its shape reminds of a playing card suit – ‘Ace’. Truth be told I only really signed up to test it because its shape also reminds me of the Mimic Manta Ray I got to test out earlier this year. The shape of the Mimic is fantastic but when it comes to delivering vibrations – it flopped. I really hoped the Fifty Shades Freed Blooms Clitoral Vibe would be able to deliver.

The Fifty Shades Freed Blooms Clitoral Vibe is made from super soft silicone and rose gold ABS plastic. Aesthetically, it oozes sophisticated class – does it deliver on vibrations though ?

To charge the toy, you need to screw off the rose gold button. This is quite stiff and took quite a bit of power to do so. I did manage to screw the cap off myself but my arm strength is good. I would definitely say if your arm strength is in any way  comprised, you’ll need someone to give you hand. Yes, it is that hard to get it off. Once the cap was removed, pop the charger in. Full charge takes 150 minutes and the toy has a static red light while charging which changes to green once fully charged. Once charged, the cap needs to be screwed on fully before the toy can be powered on. It also needs to be fully tightened because otherwise, it is no longer 100% waterproof like advertised.

With instant power on once the button is pressed to quick power down once the button is held -I find the Fifty Shades Freed Blooms Clitoral Vibe super easy to use. The toy has 10 different vibration functions – 3 continuous speeds and 7 patterns. It also will remember the last setting you were using and will restart on that one. The toy has a travel lock which buzzes twice to let you know its been put on/off – holding down the button will activate or deactivate this feature.

I do find it a bit strange how it starts out on the highest speed before going down to lower speeds. I personally prefer working my way up though this setting might benefit others. It doesn’t affect my overall feels for the toy – I definitely prefer it to the Mimic. The shape allows multiple ways for use – pinpoint and broad stimulation as well as the option to use the sides to flick my clit. The motor is powerful enough to deliver decent, deep rumbly vibrations through quite a bit of silicone. If you read my review of the Touch, you’ll already know this dampens vibrations a little bit too much for me if I need to come quick. However, if you have used a Tango and find that a bit over whelming – the Blooms vibe may actually be perfect for you. I personally feel this vibe is suited to folk who enjoy mild, rumbly vibrations. It isn’t a vibe suited to power queens in my opinion – the silicone insulates the vibrations to much.


If interested you can purchase Fifty Shades Freed Blooms Clitoral Vibe here 

The  Fifty Shades Freed Blooms Clitoral Vibe was sent to me in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read!  All images displayed of  Fifty Shades Freed Blooms Clitoral Vibe are taken by myself!

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